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Fashion Editorial – Play Hard

Fashion Editorial – Play Hard


Photographer: Luis Nuñez @lununez
Director/Hair: Sherrie Johnston @sherrie_soul
MUA: Kristina Mercado @krisartsee
Wardrobe Assistant: Rachel Grim
Model: Kelcie Auriel of Clavon Models @kelcie_auriel @clavonmodels

Wardrobe Credits:

Designers: Clavon’s Wear by Clavon Leonard @clavonswear @clavonleonard
Toure Designs by Alhassan Toure @touredesigns @alhassantoure

LOOK 1: Suit by Clavon’s Wear • Shoes by ASOS
LOOK 2: Suit by Clavon’s Wear
LOOK 3: Toure Snake Moto by Toure Designs
LOOK 4: Toure Snake Moto by Toure Designs • Pants by Clavon’s Wear • Shoes by LuLu’s

From the Photographer:

Labeled inferior.
Seen for her body and not her mind.
She must be twice as good, then everyone, in anything, at all times.
She must be poised. Confident. Balanced with Humility.
Still, they call her Angry.
Told to be quiet. Forced to be strong.
Comprising for fear to be alone.
Don’t be defined. But defy
Tears are not weak. So cry
Refuse to Fail. Try

Fall Forward and Rise.

The challenges faced by black women have transcended time. However, we see their fight and resilience despite numerous stereotypes and misconceptions, especially in the work force. Despite opposition, she must aggressively display grace, intellect, and ferocity in order to compete without loosing herself.

The suited female depicts the beauty, class, and humility she must display while remaining teachable in order to advance. Her sitting represents her teach-ability. Internally she must be fierce, instinctive, and confident. These qualities are brought to life through the tough animal leather and her aggressive, yet protective demeanor.

The black female in the workforce has the greatest balancing act of all her counter parts and is fully capable to succeed despite opposition.

From the Designers:

Clavon Leonard:
The inspiration behind this piece was my granddaughter counting dots. The dots symbolized the circles that our lives seem to go through. The white combination represents purity and the blue represents life itself. This suit captures the very essence of life.

Alhassan Toure – Toure Designs:
This jacket was a part of our AW16 collection. It was my desire to capture exotic animal skins and combine them with leather. This combination brought together the features of the jungle while capturing the chic couture style of New York’s Runway. It birthed the “Toure Snake Moto,” a Premium Lamb Leather and Snake Skin Trimmed Jacket which is available at www.touredesigns.com .