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Fashion Editorial: Photo Sphinx

Fashion Editorial: Photo Sphinx


Even in the cold winter, bundled up, they find ways to bring out color: lipsticks, scarfs, gloves, hats… I am married for some time now, looking back at pictures when we dated I noticed how colorful my wife was. Every outfit, every eye shadow shade, was connected to her mode, her emotions. Now I must admit either the colors are gone brass, or she’s just not motivated to express her emotions in her beauty. It’s a standard motherly look. Don’t get me wrong I love my wife and when we do get to go out she cleans up well. However it got me thinking, why do woman just like flowers fade a bit with time. It’s not the age, nor the fact that they are busy.

It’s the routine, it’s the fact that we stop noticing and complementing our woman. They find ways to express themselves: cooking, painting, nail art what have you. But I’ve been thinking of woman and flowers for the past couple of month, and a way to show their beauty and appreciation for their diversity and love for color. We man live a pretty simplistic life, we love our cars and most of us stick to basics of color scheme, and without that splash of color that woman brings with herself in to our life; it is quite gray, black and white picture.

So today with this piece I would love to share with you my vision. To share a couple of our life gardens wanders, our flowers. Delicate, yet strong, soft yet edgy, pure yet knowledgeable, fragile yet sturdy. This creation was made to showcase how beautiful our women are. We all have woman in our lives: mothers, sisters, daughters, perhaps even grandmothers. There is even an woman’s international day (March 8 ), but how often do we really say thank you to our woman? How often do we make them feel special and recognize their nature, beauty? How often do we notice those little details, that are so small and in a way insignificant to us man, with which they express their inner emotions, feelings? This was a small yet well thought through project. Every flower picked was picked according to its meaning and characteristics.

We have shown just a couple of sides, shades rather of feminine beauty and character. The intricate daffodil and dragon-snap representing rebirth, new beginning, spring freshness and grace. Model felt a complete connect with characteristics of these flowers, she was confident and eager to show her beauty and grace in front of the camera. The rose and Astra symbolizing: beauty, romance edginess, patience and good luck. Model was given a challenge with some of the ideas and looks I wanted her to show me. She did a great job showing her edginess her romantic side as well as her patience with creating the looks that I needed. And last but not least carnations and daisy, representing innocents, purity and cheerfulness. I think this was one of the young models. This particular model is all about simplicity and style, class and natural beauty. She reminded us a very classy and famous Audrey Hepburn, she has that classic beauty and grace. So as you see models were carefully picked to each pair of flowers and reflected perfectly each characteristic. Every piece of makeup, even nail art was done by special makeup artist, hair stylist and a nail tech.

Everything was a creation on site and every professional expressed and shared my vision of beauty. We even called models by their flower names so that they lived in and let those characteristics shine through their poses, eyes and in general felt like flowers. I think that it is safe to say that we are all anticipating spring and the warmth and colors it brings with itself. We’ve brought spring to you through these images, so you, looking at each picture can feel the sun rays warmth and smell the perfume of spring flowers, and of course remember the beauty of it all. So me and my team would like to bring some of those bright cheerful and feminine colors and help you dive in to the world of beauty, emotion and color. Let us remember the woman in our lives and celebrate and thank them for their beauty, vulnerability and warmth. Let’s celebrate the flowers in our lives that are taking care of us every day.


Photographer:  Vitaliy Latanskiy (www.photosphinxphotography.com)
Models: Shaelynn Kimber, Maddy Over & Olya Valerie
MUA: Leo C (www.LeoCBeauty.com)
Hair Stylist: Pamela Young (www.facebook.com/SwagaliciousHairSistersOnly)
Creative Assistant and Nail Art: Natasha Kotova (www.facebook.com/FantasiaNailsDesign)