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Fashion Editorial – Parfait Amour

Fashion Editorial – Parfait Amour


Model: Katharina Schlegel
Make-Up Artist: Seda Jane
Photographer: Madeleine Seibold
Videographer: Luca Delle Donne
Fashion: H&M

The pictures of the photo series show a young attractive woman of a new era. The sensual and soft colors which are occasionally complemented by more intensive shades imply gentle womanhood and self-esteem at the same time. This seems very appealing to the observer. The palette extends over a powdery rose color to strong purple shades. The full lips and striking cheekbones are emphasized by a discreet glee and pointed highlights.

This is supposed to symbolize modern women try different styles and adapt their appearance to their mood and their activities.

The pictures seem like set in a fairy-tale induced by the white veil and the white curly hair. To create an atmospheric background, pure nature was chosen in the first pictures.

The pearls symbolize luxury, a sense of beauty, elegance and the fulfillment everybody strives for. Being a symbol of glitz and glamour the rhinestones also evoke modernity and preciousness as well as the diversity of love. The photoresist focusses on the purity of the young woman as she lives her life with ease.

We had no theme for the shoot and got the inspiration as we progressed, always bearing in mind the denotation of pearls and rhinestones which perfectly captured our idea.