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Fashion Editorial: All outta Gum

Fashion Editorial: All outta Gum



Photographer: Aleksander Ikaniewicz fb.com/olokk
Model: Asia S³upczewska / NEVA Models
MUA: Renata Bator fb.com/RenataBatorMua
Style: Natalia Izbicka

LOOK1 – Body Zara, Shorts Levi’s, Shoes Bershka
LOOK2 – T-shirt Zara, Shorts Top Shop, Shoes Vans
LOOK3 – Shirt H&m, Dress, shoes Zara
LOOK4 – Cote Zara, Shorts Levi’s, Add-ons Top Shop
LOOK5 – Dress Zara, Shoes Stradivarius

We, born and raised in the 80s and 90s simply remember how it was having no cell phones or any mobile Internet devices but spent a lot of time in arcade rooms and playing video games on our art televisors. Those games were simple, with 2D graphic leaving a lot to our imagination. We used to record songs from the radio onto cassette magnetic tapes and movies and music videos from MTV onto VHS. We believed Interned is a rebel world with a freedom of speech and higher values. Most of us had four TV channels and half of them was national television. We all waited for was Monday evenings when we can watch Terminator, Kickboxer or Rambo movies.

Our goal for this session was a reference to the time of the 90s, paying a kind of tribute to years of our youth. Therefore, the background of the action here are forgotten by time places such as abandoned gas station or destroyed backyard. In just such places we loved as children spent time playing the roles of heroes of our favorite movies.

In terms of clothing, we also referred to the 90s. Disputes influence on those days fashion has pop culture, especially music trends and TV series. Fans of Nirvana and Curt Cobain willingly wore flannel shirts, wide sweaters, torn jeans and sneakers. In the other hand, devotees to the extremely popular girl band Spice Girls, with worship wore short tops shiny leggings and clothes in jungle patterns. Series such as Friends, those last 10 seasons are a perfect reflection of how fashion trends changed over the decade, whether in the field of clothing or hairstyles. Beverly Hills 902 010 made those wide jeans, sports shirts, and the usual t-shirts become very fashionable.

After years 90s fashion returned and remained for several seasons. Clubs like to organize parties in the style of those years and playing hits from the 90s. With a touch of nostalgia, we like to watch cult TV series such as “Friends”, “Baywatch”, “Dawsons Creek” and already mentioned “Beverly Hills 90210” Grunge’s, colorful and kitschy 90s style is again loved by the world of fashion; world designers, streetwear brands, and popular fashion franchises. In support of these words is worth a look at the set of brands, which we used in this session.

End of 90’s: The Matrix has shown us the smooth evolution of shoddy style from 90’s to another cheap one in ’00. Dark, unusual glasses, fancy knots and latex on every step – unexpectedly create a brilliant look. Let’s make it simple- kitschy Japanese cyberpunk style is cool! Wachowski brothers not only created this epic movie, they had an impact on culture, fashion, and consciousness of people. Fashion is a product of our minds, where no rules are needed.

Session title refers to the famous quote from the movie “They Live” by master of horror John Carpenter from 1988. Roddy Piper after discovered of an international conspiracy declares war to the aliens who live among us and rule our world. Entering to the bank with a shotgun he said his famous “I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. But I’m all out of bubble gum.” This phrase has been repeatedly cited in other titles, including the game Duke Nukem 3D in 1996 and became one of the most famous one-liners of the 90s.