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Fashion Editorial – Message in a bottle

Fashion Editorial – Message in a bottle


Photographer: Stefanie Anderson
Makeup Artist: Júlia Bosch
Female Model: Maria Jose Perez

My name is Stefanie Anderson and I am an international fashion photographer based in Barcelona, Madrid, Munich and Frankfurt. I started photography as a hobby in 2009 and refined my skills later on during my university career, by passing several classes in analog photography. Today I work with a lot of professionals, models, designers and makeup artist. One other – and maybe the most inspiring part of my work is the time I spend with non-professionals – clients such as bridal couples because you need to change your normal shooting habits. This can be challenging. Meeting different people every day and capturing their characters while being the director of a whole story in pictures is fascinating to me. I love to express myself through photography and creating scenes to share with and inspire others.

Walking on the beach, the heat and the sand grains between my feet, the wind spreading upon your face and the sun tickling your nose feels like holidays. I imagine places close by and far away. Message in a bottle has been created with this images in our mind’s eye. Creating an editorial which represents a modern interpretation of the boho style. A self-confident woman, a free spirit but at the same time tender walking around on a spring day.

The idea was popping up in our minds during the campaign shooting we had with bissu bags. The shooting took place on the beach in Barcelona and I was observing the waves of the sea when this idea came into my mind. The idea got more and more concrete in my head so I started to search for the ideal team to realize this project. The great makeup artist Júlia Bosch directly was convinced from the idea and also the brand bissu bags agreed directly to participate. I searched on several platforms for the ideal model and found there Maria Jose Perez. A really talented and beautiful model! I was so happy when she agreed on participating in the session. Having a good team is so important for the results!

Finally, we looked together for a brand, whose style could fit the idea we had and also were able to accord us some pieces. We had a very short time to plan finally, more or less one week. We found a date near where every participant had time so we directly fixed that date for our shoot. But at the same time, there was very few time to put everything together: find and contact brands, define the different locations and so on.

Finally thanks to the wonderful support from our brands „como un pez en el agua“, “mmartinyca”, “Bissu Bags” and “pinmorelladesign” we were able to work in a very creative way to achieve our prospect. We had wonderful bikinis, sandals, and bags from the different brands so we were able to deliver really good results.

Regarding locations for this editorial, we decided to realize the editorial at the Barcelonate, the beach of Barcelona in the early morning. In the morning, the light isn’t that harsh and this allowed us to create a more soft and dreamy but also clean clear look on the images. This was important for us to get the look and mood we were thinking of in the first instance for this editorial and which, in my opinion, fits very well.

About the image post-processing, in addition to a standard beauty retouch, the objective was to underline the mood of the image, maintaining the photos in a clear and realistic look, so that the location potentiates, even more, the model and the clothing but gets not protagonistic. For this reason, we neither looked for a very dominant look in the images because we wanted to transmit the feeling, atmosphere in the images. In the foreground clearly stood the model and clothing to transmit our initial idea and inspiration.

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Full Color, Glossy Finish – 8.5×11 INCHES
Additional Prints $10 Each