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Fashion Editorial: Merry Queen

Fashion Editorial: Merry Queen


We are living in the sad world where the ethical becomes a simple synonym of marketing. In that world of responsible people there are thousands of dead bodies in Rana Plaza that are dancing on their graves. Marketing is just changing the names of their collections to make people believe in their shopping act, to make them believe how they are buying Eco responsible goods and helping the world and our Earth; All that is just to waste more, to sell more. To create poisoned rivers who are passing by a deserted land.

In our big and fancy cities we forgot who the real fashion victims are. They are not the high heeled fashionistas in high ­streets but the children and women working hard at sweatshops. And we also are the victims when one day we are not able to find pure water anymore, when the climate changes will take the fresh air away. Will my fast fashion shoes help me to run fast far away? And where?

I do believe now that wearing something made by people who suffered by making my clothes it might bring me bad luck. No matter how pretty the store is and how good tastes the free champagne they offer, no matter how many celebrities these labels are buying to make me feel “trendy”, how famous then designers are who change their names against money in fast fashion. I still can`t stop thinking about these small hands, unhappy people… If I wear something so unhappy the queen of the Fashion revolution will come and get me while I sleep. She will haunt me until I help her people.

What if ethical is the new black?

I am thinking about that over and over again since many years already. You can`t buy conscious. Consciousness will come and get us when we don`t know who made our clothes. All ethical fashion should start not by pretty words but the real question; Who made my clothes?

In this fashion story called The Queen of the Fashion Revolution we are trying to stay honest and to feature the labels for who the Eco responsibility is the reality and not a lie. We know how their design is made, we have seen people who are making them. These labels will not save the world, but at least they will not make it worse and their ecological footprint leaves more space for life on the earth.

In Paris many women tell me that they would wear Eco fashion and reuse, if it wouldn`t be so ugly… Well, this is because they don`t know these labels yet. Unique handbags by Spanaki look like they cost 3000 euros or more. With 65, 95 euros anyone can have them! Reused cotton and wool… that sounds ugly, right? Look at what Mille Bisous Magiques is doing in the middle of Paris in their fancy workshop and you will never think like that again. All these labels were made by happy people and wearing them brings good luck. This fashion story is dark, brave and pretty. This is a poetic return back to the real workshops in Old Europe, a trip to the spoiled lands by the fashion industry. The homage to skills, to tribal queen of the fashion revolution who`s hope is to save the world will die last.