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Fashion Editorial: Love Story

Fashion Editorial: Love Story



  • Photographer: Alecia Lindsay
  • Stylist: Lauren Schelley
  • Hair and Makeup: Shyn Midli
  • Models: Heather Dublanko & Aidan Anderson
  • Agency: Seattle Model Management
  • Clothing Provided by Simply Chic

Love Story was inspired by Taylor Swift’s Blank Space music video that was released in November of last year. I stumbled across it on accident, and upon viewing the video for the first time I was obsessed and I needed more of it. In fact, I watched the video dozens of times just to see all the beautiful details and scenes over and over again– the white horses, the beautiful mansions, ornately decorated room, and beautiful gowns. It was all so dreams like and visually stimulating; there were just so many beautiful things to take in. Her producers somehow took all of the things I dream about and merged it all into one neatly packaged video. Needless to say, I was inspired.

The video takes place in two locations, Oheka Castle and the Woolworth Mansion, where Swift is accompanied by Sean O’Pry. O’Pry was recruited by his MySpace profile to become a model, then in 2013 became the world’s most successful male model. In the video, O’Pry and Swift, meet and immediately fall in love, but the story quickly devolves to a crash and burn.

Much like the video, my life has been on a fast track for the last year with too many rapid changes to count. In May, graduated from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington with a degree in Studio Art, then moved home to Alaska with my husband for 6 months. In Alaska, I officially started my long-awaited photography business, only to decide that we wanted to move to Washington to the greater Seattle area. We made our decision to move and less than 6 weeks later, at the end of October, we drove 2,500 miles down the Alcan (the Alaska-Canada highway). We drove with everything we owned in the back of our truck, if it didn’t fit in the truck, it didn’t come with.

Before making the decision to move, I was aware that I knew nearly no one in this new place, and was truly starting my photography business again from scratch. But, that was a challenge I was willing to take. I needed to keep shooting and build my fashion portfolio, so I went to Seattle Models Guild, a local modeling agency to find talent to work with. And, fortunately, that is where I found Aidan Anderson, a male model from a small island off the Washington Coast. I’ve worked with hundred of individuals, and Aidan just got it. Despite being new to the industry, he is incredibly talented, thoughtful and energetic.

After my obsession with the Blank Space video, I was subconsciously looking for a male model to fill the part. Upon meeting Aidan, I immediately thought that he resembled Sean O’Pry, only to find that Aidan came to me with the same concept of doing a Blank Space inspired shoot with Nike model, Heather Dublanko from SMG. That worked out perfectly because Heather was just as amazing and talented to work with! Everything seamlessly came together, and made this shoot happen.

To me, every shoot is so much more than the final product. It’s the whole experience, of working together as a team. This shoot in particular brought a bunch of twenty-something year old strangers together to make something beautiful. Life is about new beginnings, it’s about the people and relationship, and having fun. And, this shoot was a beautiful start to this new chapter of my life in Seattle area.

A special thank you to Simply Chic Bellevue, Lauren Schelley, Shyn Midili, Heather Dublanko, and, of course, Aidan Anderson, for making this happen. I couldn’t have done it without you!


  • Images 1 – Him: Jacket by Calvin Klein, Shirt by Calvin Klein – Her: Necklace by Joia, Earrings by Joia, Dress by Mystic
  • Images 2– Him: Shirt by Calvin Klein, Bowtie by calvin klien, pants by Calvin Klein, shoes by Rock Port! – Her: Gloves by Forever 21, Shoes by Betsey Johnson, Dress by Lush, Clutch by Joia , Earrings by Joia
  • Images 3 – Him: Shirt by Calvin Klein, Bowtie by Calvin Klein, Pants by Calvin Klein, and Shoes by Rock Port! Her: Dress by Sole Mio, Clutch by Fada , Earrings by Fada
  • Images 4– Him: Suit by Calvin Klein, Shoes by Rock Port! – Her: Earrings by Joia, Dress by Nikibiki, Shoes by Forever 21
  • Images 5 – Him: Pants by Volcom, Shirt by Calvin Klein, Bowtie by Calvin Klein, Shoes by Madden – Her: Shoes by Penny Loves Kenny, Sun Glasses by E A J Morgan, Dress by Comme To, Earrings by Joia