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Fashion Editorial: LOVE ME DENIM

Fashion Editorial: LOVE ME DENIM


LOVE ME DENIM….chic, sexy, urban, emotions, high-class. These are the things, which came first in our mind when we thought about the editorial’s name. We didn’t just want to photograph a beautiful girl in awesome clothes.- We wanted to create and capture real emotions, combined with stunning clothing. “Urban” comes from the location: We had the pleasure to shoot in a unique bar in the heart of Graz. “Industry Style” would describe the bar best.- Lovely details, great light bulbs, big windows, messed up tables. The counter was also something really special. It was hand made of great looking wood, surrounded by an huge amount of magnum bottles. For the editorial we had to reposition every single chair and every single table for each picture. Why?- Because details matter most! “High-Class”; “chic” comes from the wardrobe: RedValentino, Fendi, Diesel, Replay, just to name a few designers, we got our outfits from. We brought about 35 single pieces to the photo shoot, to have the most possible flexibility to create exactly the style we were looking for. Because of the location, we thought it’s a great idea, to mix some high-class brands with some urban ones.- As you can see in the results, it absolutely rock’s. This mixture also gave us the flexibility to great moods with special outfits.

“Sexy”; “emotions” comes from our lovely model Lexie: Our british model, was a bomb. It didn’t matter which pose, it didn’t matter which mood, it didn’t matter which style, I didn’t matter how the styling was, she got it right first try. Screaming, laughing, crying, smiling, moody…with every release of the shutter we got a different picture.- What more can you wish for? This professionalism helped us capturing the moment and the feeling we wanted to create in combination with the wardrobe in every single picture.

Nothing work’s without a great team: We are really lucky to work with the best team. Starting with the wardrobe, the stylist, to the hair artist, over to the make-up artist and the whole film crew, the team has to work like the whole team is one person! If you want to create something unique, it’s not enough to have the same goals as a team – every single person within the team has to feel the same burning for the job. If you have found a team like this, you really can create something that is breathtaking!

On shooting day we started working at about 8am and finished about 9pm. For everyone in the team the whole day was really arduous, because with every single set (in total we did 12 sets), we changed the make- up, we totally changed the hair, we changed the wardrobe and we also had to reposition absolutely everything in the bar.

After the editorial was done, we sat down and did a pre- selection of the pictures we shot, on the computer. It was very important to do this right after the shooting, because in this way everyone involved, can check the pictures on a big screen. This was the moment we knew that we absolutely did the editorial we were looking for. The whole team knew: We absolutely nailed it! As with every single editorial we do, the highest quality of the whole production is the most important thing for us.- Even we are talking about a test shoot for a new model. For this shooting we used two NIKON’s D800/D810, BRONCOLOR lighting, such as BRONCOLOR light shaper. On this shoot we also were blessed with a great film team, who did a really great job on producing a stunning image film.


Photography & Retouching: Bernd Niederwieser/Michael Hochfellner
Model: Lexie
Agency: Stellamodels
Stylist: Agnes Sziveszter-Gloggnitzer//Fashion Management
Hair: Robert Gudera//Ginger
MakeUp: Carmen Steiner
Video: Georg Spandl//eMotionForce