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Fashion Editorial – Losing Himself

Fashion Editorial – Losing Himself


Photographer: Andrea Sartore www.fotografoandrea.it
Model: Rita García
Stylist by Xiomara Peña Elias
Makeup: Selene MT

LOOK1,3 – Shirt, jacket, and skirt Stradivarius. Botin of BCBGeneration.
LOOK4 – Stradivarius shirt. Zara pantyhose, shoes and bag. Earrings Mango.
LOOK5 – Black Zara Jacket. Dress and underwear Intimissimi. BCBG Eneration Shoes
LOOK6,8 – Black Zara Jacket. Dress and underwear Intimissimi. BCBG Eneration Shoes
LOOK9,13 – Look white. Total look Zara. Earrings mango
LOOK14,15 – Pictures Total look Zara. Bimba and Lola earrings and bracelet.
LOOK16 – Total look Zara earrings Bimba and Lola Mango bag

Solis Magazine - Fashion Editorial: Losing Himself

The story tells of a girl lost in the city is a confused woman, lover of extravagant fashion. One day he decided to take a ride into the city without worries and without a goal he found himself disoriented in the garage deserts, bustling city transportation voids various other places. She is a lover of fashion, it likes to change a various look. Take the day as if it were a one-point game with no thoughts not minding the time.

The story he wanted to tell is the confusion without any connection because these days in the city we see so many people confused that they do not seem to whole but only half of what they should be. Big cities create their own discomfort loneliness and chaos in the mind of people.

Yes, we see all kinds of people with a different look every style from a romantic rock look until you get to Look China. The Beauty of large cities to see so many different styles of fashion and arrogant people in the way they dress.

In our editorial, we are using different brands, like Zara, Stradivarius Mango and so on up to use a beautiful kimono silk bag with raffia brand. The Model has been made up and coiffed according to the outfit we started from a more suave look with nude makeup until you get to a Strong makeup with black smokey eyes and nude lips, the hair initially left them on a loose until smooth to then to acconciarli with a nice onion messed. We shot several places to create different camera points initially we took pictures in a garage using the top floor is the penultimate floor indoors, then we moved to a bus station and finally, we have the city turned to find different views and of interesting camera angles to create their own different scenarios

There are various theories regarding the origins of the Canary history that blend with myths and legends. The first historical information on Gran Canaria traced back to classical. The research regarding the first inhabitants who colonized the island in the mid-first millennium BC attests to their link with the North African area and the Berber cultural circle. Gran Canaria was the island that mostly welcomed the peoples and cultures that landed in the Archipelago in pre-Hispanic times. the story was invented the turn turned the city of Las Palmas in Gran Canaria

The conquest of the island, which was completed at the end of the fifteenth century under the mandate of the Catholic Monarchs, cost him five years of hard struggle for the strong resistance of the aborigines. The final incorporation of Gran Canaria to the Crown of Castile was the work of Pedro de Vera, who, in 1483 the conquest begun by Juan Rejón. The conquest took two steps: landing and subsequent construction of Real de Las Palmas at the mouth of the Guiniguada; and Vera’s military campaign, which ended with the defeat of Galdar Aborigines, and pacification of the southern area of the island.

The crown of Castile began to develop in Gran Canaria a comprehensive social policy and economic structure. The capital of Gran Canaria became the administrative center and epicenter of the Archipelago powers (the Bishopric of the Canaries, the Court of the Holy Inquisition, Royal Court of the Canaries …) In the seventeenth century, collapsed the splendor of Gran Canaria, which was caused by the exportation of agricultural products to ‘America than to Europe.

Not until the mid-nineteenth century to take start free ports, with a special economic regime founded to promote trade relations. It is precisely this benefit based on tax exemptions and facilities for free trade which served as the reference point for the multiply the number of British vessels and shipping companies who come to the Island. Currently, the condition in particular of Gran Canaria island status and the Archipelago, in general, is formally the Law of Economic and Tax Regime, as a result of the incorporation of the Canary the European Union.

Two children smiling next to the sculptures of Santa Ana Square, Santa Ana Square on a sunny day. This maritime traffic caused the development of tourism in Gran Canaria, that with the passage of years become the main source of inputs and situate the island as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. From the second half of the nineteenth century, Gran Canaria started gaining popularity in European circles as a place of rest for tourists and the infirm, this fact was used by shipping companies, in their settled down crossings cabins for travelers. These same companies promoted the creation of hotels on the island, including the Santa Catalina (1890), in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the only one of these beginnings of tourism that still remains in operation.

A group of friends joking near the Christopher Columbus House, Overview of the city and port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The development of tourism and services which generated around this sector has seen interrupted by the various wars (World Cup and the Spanish Civil) and will not be up to 50 years when this activity returns to record numbers of visitors of some importance. Not even the opening of the airport of Gran Canaria (Gando then) in 1930 helped to revive tourism.

In Christmas of 1957, he touches down in Gando an aircraft from the Swedish airline Transair AB with 54 seats occupied. This was the first of a series of charter flights with which Gran Canaria has started the mass tourism organized and modern tourism as a bargain.

Solis Magazine - Fashion Editorial: Losing Himself


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