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Fashion Editorial: Linear Design

Fashion Editorial: Linear Design



Linear Design is a Project that tries to mix architecture with fashion design. Both arts play with lines and perspective and, of course, the personal touch of the designers, in this case the Spanish outstanding talents of Beatriz Nevot, Rebeca Elich and Beatriz Peñalver.

Once the initial idea of the project was clear the next crucial step was to find the right team to bring it to life. Dana, a very experienced Spanish model (although she doesn’t look all that Spaniard with her striking freckles and red hair!) was the obvious choice. She has that touch of incredible versatility and tons of attitude and expression in front of the lens and quite simply she seemed perfect to mix in with the coldness of the bare scenery used for this editorial.

Dana is a well known model with a sporty body that has worked many times in advertising with some relevant firms such as Nike. Her experience in the fashion world, where she has been featured in many editorials and ads, her ability to bring out the soul of the garments and the amazing bonds she creates between her and the photographer almost guarantee incredible pictures time and time again.

Speaking of the photographer, this job was done by “Teco” (real name: Pablo Salto-Weis), a Portuguese photographer that has a special eye for unusual compositions, and is known for his ability to use lines to guide the eye in his photographs, which was going to prove very useful in this editorial.

In Linear Design Dana poses in a very cold way, almost hierarchically, but yet full of meaning, perfect for the bare surroundings and the geometrical designs she was wearing. The resulting job is a well thought out collection of photographs where the outstanding work of all the team, including stylist Raquel Trejo, her assistant Andrea Alanís, hair stylist Elena Cerezo and incredible MUA Elvira Blázquez shines through.


  • Look 1 (foto 1, 2 ,3, 4: Vestido blanco cuadrados de REBECA ELICH)
  • Look 2 (foto 5,6 y7) Vestido a rayas blanco y negro, estilismo Raquel Trejo
  • Look 3 (foto 8,9,10) mono negro y cuello de BEA NEVOT.
  • Look 4 (foto 11,12,13 y 14 vestido blanco y cuello de BEA NEVOT)
  • Look 5 (foto15,16y 17) Chaqueta a rayas blancas y negras (estilismo Raquel Trejo)
  • Look 6 (foto 18,19 y 20) vestido blanco y flúor de BEATRIZ PEÑALVER)
  • Look 7 (foto 21 y 22) pantalón de volantes y camisa negra y flúor de