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Fashion Editorial: Light Blue

Fashion Editorial: Light Blue


Photographer: Giulia Albertini ( www.giulyalbertini.wix.com/g-photography )
Styling: Giuliana Minaldi
Make up & hair: Elisa Cagliari
Model: Ariely @Major Model Management / Lucas @2morrow Model Management

When a fragrance inspires a concept. The joy of living the light blue water of life. Rediscover the original celebration of sensual woman style infull sunny and dazzling summer days.This colorful and fresh concept is reminiscent of the fragrant notes eponymous fragrance signature: Dolce & Gabbana. The Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume, with a fruity-floral notes is like a spell, simply irresistible and extraordinary: a real whirlwind of freshness. Amazing and colorful, feminine and resolute, deep and true.

This project was inspired not only by fragrance but also by the campaign shot by the famous fashion photographer Mario Testino. Was my intent to describe a story in which a man meets a beautiful and seductive woman in an elegant location like a private pool, transmitting the same effortless allure in photographs. These are images of romance and beauty where the protagonist is the woman and the man is her frame. She represents the incarnation of the femme fatale, a woman with self-assured beauty to wich her lover cannot resist. I wanted to capture the electricity and the excitement of a love affair thanks to the presence of a strong and charming woman in sparkling summer days.

Watching is to dream of plunging into that refreshing water and feel the sun on the skin, to feel totally free to express her own true nature. The lovers, their gazes and bodies evokes the true sensuality, they are isolated from the world. It’s easy to drown in her eyes.. They match to the colour of water, a mixture of light blue and green. These eyes that enchant and bewitch the man is unable to resist her. The warm light, the blue sky, the clear water and the sun on the skin represent the essence of summer lived with passion and elegance.

The numerous effects of light play and reflections on the water are referenced from the graphic design of the dress worn by the model. I wanted two colors to be prevalents in the dress: green and light blue. “Light blue” is one of th e most intensive and satisfying projects I ever realized until now, alongside me there were all professional people that I’d like to thank for the good job. It was an honor for me to work with Ariely and Lucas, they are two super professional models with many years of experience and successes. Both were excited when I told them about the project and concept, so they agreed immediately with enthusiasm to participate at the shooting. I’m sure of one thing: the success of a good project depends not only on the photographer’s job but on the sum of collaborators’ work, it’s very important to work like a team and communicate to obtain a good result.

Dress: Just Cavalli
Accessories: stylist own
Jacket: vintage
Man swimsuit: Navigare
White swimsuit: CELYN b.