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Fashion Editorial – Lemonade

Fashion Editorial – Lemonade


Photographer: Christine Martens christinemartens.nl instagram.com/christinemartens.nl
Makeup Artist: Christine Martens
Model: Benthe Anne instagram.com/benthe.anne

My name is Christine Martens and I’m a fashion and beauty photographer and makeup artist from the Netherlands. My passion for photography originally came from traveling, but I soon gravitated more towards fashion and beauty photography. I’m drawn to photographing (the beauty of) women, colorful, strong and elegant. I want to make them feel beautiful and perhaps almost perfect. I’m drawn to this because it is in stark contrast to the world I’ve been working and living in for the past decade and a half. I’ve been working in a male dominated world, including lots of alpha-type males exhibiting raw and sexist behavior. Being able to explore the feminine side of life feels refreshing to me.

Most of my photography skills are self-taught and later on, I learned the art of makeup at the academy of makeup in Glasgow, Scotland. Doing the makeup myself not only gives me full control over the entire creative process, it also enables me to connect with the model. Creating that good connection with the model before we start shooting definitely helps. I do get very close with my camera, but as a makeup artist, I’ve already ‘invaded’ the personal space of the model by touching her face. So everyone is so much more comfortable during the shoot.

I find my inspiration in many things; photography, movies, art, everyday life and completely random thoughts and things. For this shoot, my inspiration literally came from a lemon, which I saw in a picture. The next thing that popped into my mind was the phrase ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, which made me wonder “how do you make lemonade?” Google said: Lemons, water, and some sugar. So this is how the concept developed, I wanted to depict the elements of lemonade, use ‘sweet’ colors, lemons (as accessories, all made by me) and the water was incorporated into a wet look. I chose Benthe Anne as my model, because of her gorgeous blue eyes and look. She is not an experienced model and not signed by any agency, but very fun to work with.

It is always an honor to have my work published, I’ve enjoyed creating it and I hope the audience appreciates it.

Makeup credits:
Primer – SARA HILL
Strobing cream – EMITÉ
Foundation – SARA HILL
Concealer – SARA HILL
Contour – NYX
Highlight – NATASCHA DENONA glow
Blush – SLEEK in turbinado
Eyeshadow base – SIGMA in provoke
Mascara – EMITÉ
Nails – KIKO
Lips: EVELYN IONA in Lise – SARA HILL sadie doll

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial - Lemonade


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