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Fashion Editorial: IRENA

Fashion Editorial: IRENA



  • Photographers: Ilse van den Meijdenberg & Fleur Halkema.
  • Model: Irena Pantelic & Sarah Liebregts
  • Make-Up & Hairstyling: Wout Philippo
  • Styling: Yoni Bolster

With the greatest Joy, I – Wout Philippo from vanityvorever, Ilse van den Meijdenberg, Yoni Bolster, Irena Pantelic, Sarah Liebregts and Fleur Halkema, bring to the public our collaboration: ‘the Hunt’. Nearing the end of January, the winters frost was everything but absent. Our team set up our photo studio in a former monastery near the Dutch city of Breda in the State of Noord-Brabant. In this photo series our team wanted to play with purity along with the macabre, by incorporating animal skulls and horns, while portraying beautiful women. To us it was very important that these were obtained in a totally harmless manner, so our photographers contacted our local wildlife services, whom happily provided us with some beautiful material to use for this series.

Our stylist incorporated lots of synthetic furs to the clothing to contribute to the primal feeling, while I created fuller and streamlined, wilder hair, to give a rough edge to it while still keeping it elegant. Our photographers tried to work with a relatively dark set, while keeping the model’s and especially their faces angelic like you would see on a bright set. My Inspiration for the Make-Up in this series was to give our first model a very pure, soft look, with a touch of alien realness. I wanted our second, younger model, to have a somewhat heavier look, while still jutting to purity. My favorite thing about working with such beautiful models, is that they’re often a blank canvas, in which I can create absolute polarity. By giving our very young model an edgy look, while giving our adult model a very pure look, to me this polarity makes the Make-Up and the faces stands out even more, contributing to the concept. To us it was very important that the models looked very natural and effortless, like a tiny skull poking out of our model’s hair was daily matter, and horns sprouting from our model her head was just an ordinary part of life. By adding all this together, this bizarre ensemble really came to life, and we proudly present the results in this spread for this amazing magazine.

Keeping the tiny horn-set in place was a task, but holding the larger skulls into place was impossible! At one point our second photographer laid on her back, behind our model, with her arms stretched, with the skull in her palms. Our stylist and me then both pulled/pushed the horns to get her arms into perfect position, where the horns were adjacent to where the horns would theoretically sprout. Happily good work comes with hard effort, and we were very pleased with the result that this gave. It was very important to us that these photo’s would bring something knew, and that they would be very out of the box, without being a cliche or something that was already done before.

If our photo series had a hidden meaning? I think that, if not every, a fair shot of photo series have a hidden meaning. While mainly we just wanted to portray a play between the purity of a beautiful woman with the macabrity of animalistic remains, this piece of work also features a slight critique on today’s ‘Hunting’ and everything that comes with it. By showing beautiful women next to bare bones, we show off what we, as well as the creatures we hunt are without our appearances: bones.


  • Photo 1: Jacket: New Look, Skirt: H&M
  • Photo 2: Jacket: Veromoda
  • Photo 3: Jacket: Veromoda Shirt: H&M
  • Photo 4: Jacket: ZARA, Shirt: H&M
  • Photo 5: Jacket: Villa, Shirt: V&D
  • Photo 6: Jacket: Villa, Shirt: C&A
  • Photo 7: Sweater: Mango