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Fashion Editorial – INC(RED)IBLE

Fashion Editorial – INC(RED)IBLE


Wardrobe Stylist/Creative Director/Photographer: Neha Mirsky
IG: https://www.instagram.com/nehamirskyphotography/
WB: nehamirskyphotography
Makeup Artist: Tatiana Romero
IG: https://www.instagram.com/tatianaromeromakeup/
WB: http://www.tatianaromero.in
Model: Natiele Xavier @Wing Management
WB: @natielexaviier
Model: Gigi More @Wing Management
WB: @gigi_more_

Wardrobe Credits:
Look 1 with Bodysuits: Babydoll backless lace and Polyamide purchased on Amazon
Look 2 with Red Dresses: Shein ruffle dress and one shoulder
Look 3 with Red Dresses: Shein sequin dress and Express satin dress
Look 4 with Top & Jacket: Calvin Klein red jacket & Express red sweater

Christian Dior said “ There is a certainly a red for everyone”. Red has always been one of my favorite colors. And the color red was the inspiration behind this fashion editorial. It’s the color of life, it represents love, elegance, passion, sensuality, ambition, strength, courage, optimism, success feeling, security and all those things that bring you joy and satisfaction no matter your race, skin or gender which is why we casted two models from different origins: Gigi from Italy and Natiele from Brazil. Red is beautiful and brings out sensuality inside every person waiting to be explored and bring out to light (and camera.. 😉 ). This editorial helped me highlight the beauty, strength, sensuality, elegance and love with the color red. It also helped me highlight how red can be sexy and beautiful whether it’s a bodysuit, a full sleeve dress, a slit dress, an off shoulder dress or even a sweater & a jacket. The versatility of the color is incredible.

Concept: I began developing the concept of this shoot around red color. My entire color palette for creating would be red and nudes. First I built a mood/vision board for my creative team to show them the direction of this shoot. The skin would be warm and mostly natural tones and then adding bold red lips and eye shadow to celebrate red galore. The clothing would be playing with red color with various textures and styles.

Creative Team: Once I had the concept formulated, it was time to reach out to the creative team to shoot this editorial. For this shoot, I worked with Tatiana Romero for the beautiful hair and makeup. I did the creative direction and styling for this shoot. Then it was time to find models. I wanted two diverse models. Gigi and Natiele from Wing Management were perfect for this shoot.

Tatiana Romero, HMUA did a wonderful job with the natural look with bodysuits and bold look with red dresses. With the look with bodysuits, the idea was to give a soft glowy skin with more of a no makeup look leaving the hair natural. With the red dresses, makeup idea was bold red lips on Gigi and bold red eyeliner on Natiele keeping hair styling very minimal and simple to bring the focus to the color red with red makeup and wardrobe choice. The red makeup with red outfits also proved there is never too much red (Ha!).

The lighting setup was very simple. I used 5’ Octabank to light the whole scene and beauty dish to highlight the models and sculpting.

2 strobes by Flashpoint Xplor
Modifiers by Westcott 5’ Octabank by and 26” rapidbox

Julia’s retouching put the finishing touches on the shoot. She maintains the rich texture keeping it so consistent and beautiful. I finished the images by color grading them with Infinite Color Panel.

The editorial was shot in my studio. I used two hand painted canvas backdrops. The choice of more of a neutral color was made to highlight red. I used Canon 6D camera for this shoot. I used various canon lenses Canon 100mm, 85MM and 50MM lenses with different looks in this editorial. For the lighting setup, I used 2 strobes by Flashpoint Xplor with modifiers by Westcott 5’ Octabank by and 26” rapidbox. Photoshop was used as the post processing software. I used Infinite Color Panel to color grade the images.

When it came to posing, I wanted models to accentuate the femininity and make the images eye catching with triangles and S curves yet breaking some rules with some of the stronger poses unconventional posing with the last look.

I love to show the beauty & femininity yet strength at the same time through my images. I hope you enjoyed looking through these images and felt the passion and love my team and I put into it!

Fashion Editorial - INC(RED)IBLE

Fashion Editorial – INC(RED)IBLE

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