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Fashion Editorial: ICE QUEEN

Fashion Editorial: ICE QUEEN


Frozen in the luscious lashings of ice surrounding her; eyes crystallized as she gazes upon those surrounding. Immaculately glazed, she is the Ice Queen. As she glares at her beholders, her icy glare sparkles and shudders the soul of the beholder, who withers away. Enamelled in her headdress adorned with flowers of her past once beautiful, deteriorated by the bitter winters past. Shades of bleak blues, violent violets and glacial grays- all symbolizes her once perfect life now remains ageless, beneath the relentlessly sensitive skin damaged. Flowers vining through, reaching gasping their chance to escape the frosted curse set upon the poor young girl.

Piercing eyes fixate on her perfectly, idyllic past. Numb and stiff- unable to portray the harsh reality of her curse. Never escaping her, frozen at the point of suffering. Once she lived normally, freely, beautifully. Transporting back before her overcast days she longed for the snow to beckon and reproduce all over her desolated, stifylingly heated town. Lonely waiting past as she never lost hope. Her hair dyed from the heat, skin a content tan and body exposed at all times due to her inability to cope with the radiance that the sun beamed down on her. No longer ratifying the fixture she constantly endured, winter arrived fashionably late and sugarcoated her humble town.

A gasp erupted here, there and everywhere. Half-heartedly peering from her windowsill- convinced this would be another humiliating trick, eyes breathed in a new life from the outside world. A knee deep sensation became her as she ventured outside to her friend she prayed for, all her life. Her snowy, white friend embellished the trees, vines and flowers glazing them a delectably picteresque silver. The season had arrived, such a pure and comely one. Excitedly bouncing into a lake of emotional plaza. Spineful branches laden with snowy, marshmallow delight greeted her naivety. Her once isolated garden became a a vast, swirling wonderland of sparkling white pleasure. As she bounced across the glisteningly, conspicuous carpet of treasures – of which filled her senses with cascading, fluffy pillows of excitement she felt more content than ever before. Waddling around and inhaling the experience the balls of sensationally, soft silk continued to fall from above and all of her worries dissipated for a moment as the frozen trees swayed to a malicious breeze.

But soon she felt powerless to the new day of shivers surrounding her. Yes, so friendly they had all been she sadly felt uneasy as a relentless grip forced itself onto her, creating a woolen coat which was absent from her fragile frame. Nipping her nose and body, it crackled her bones and souls. And was suddenly increasing her skirmishness- the coat being not one she would have ordered. Soon her luscious, rough lips became dry, bruised and ice kissed. Legs pained with enclosure, eyelashes clasping together- no longer able to flutter like a butterfly. Her weak, sniffles exploded in velocity and her coughs, locked into a suffering state. Her world had exited as her squeals deployed to the minute snowflake cracking gracefully, away from harm’s way. The season of welcoming wasn’t what she wanted anymore…

Produced by POSE within ‘The Leigh Studio’ in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex and shot by Stephanie Thorton- POSE is the online modeling community you need to be following online. The: friendly female environment, the intricately designed make-up, the jaw-dropping comely models who exit and enter in such a surreptitious fashion… all unite to create beauty and destroy the stereotypes surrounding it. Follow POSE for details, as you never know you may get POSED.

Photography: Stephanie Thorton
Costume and make-up: Charlie Gunter of Fallen Angel.
Model- Kei Sharman
Words- Kheira Bey of www.arrayostyle.blogspot.com