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Fashion Editorial: Hurricane

Fashion Editorial: Hurricane


Photographer: Francesca Faraci
Stylist: Erika Strano
Model: Danira Yermanova, Arina Timoshishina
Makeup artist AND Hair Stylist: Paula Niculita
Video backstage: Francesca Faraci


Balck Body, Erika Lorefice
Green Jacket, Erika Strano
Jeans, Pull & Bear
Black and transparent dress, Giuditta Corpaci
Silver Jacket, Erika Lorefice
Blue Top with decorations, Erika Strano
Culotte with palette and shoes & accessories, Erika Strano

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Danira and Arina are two foreign girls. They are very different from each other. This impressed me a lot!

The first time I saw them together, I thought, gee, this is like a little treasure trove here. Putting them in front of the goal was fascinating, two cultures so different, one beside the other. Among them, a beautiful tune was triggered, as if they were known for a lifetime. This is the magic of photography.

Danira is tall, she has black hair, light complexion, and dark almond eyes. She’s introverted but has the world to blow in. She comes from Kazakhstan. Arina is medium-sized, has blond hair and two very deep eyes. She is very funny, and she is who puts the photographer at ease, not the other way round. She comes from Bielorussia. Working with them was like watching the world with their charm, with their desire to meet each other, moving the background into the background. They were kind enough to drag me into their world too, and that’s how we managed to create a crazy job.

I had the pleasure of working with a strong team with very competent people. Paula Niculita is the makeup professional, a skin artist. Erika Strano, a designer, and even a formidable stylist. Alessia Giuffrida, a friend she also a photographer, who helped me with everything, with lights and ideas.

In the end, I’m Francesca, a 25-year-old girl who is not a photographer but loves the idea of becoming a photographer. I studied at a photography academy, and I love art in general. My dad is a musician, my mother plays the piano and my boyfriend is a night guitarist and a day photographer. Here are many things explained!!!

I love beauty in all its shades, I love sunsets, strange things, cinema, and I love kindness. I’m not a fan of photographic equipment, but I prefer to buy thousands of photo books.

This is a fragment of me!!!


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