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Fashion Editorial: Hooded Beauty

Fashion Editorial: Hooded Beauty



Photographer: Styling: James Pennie
Hair / Make-Up: Allen Jones
Model: Llauren Hendrix

Fall is upon us, so why not step into the season beautifully. Bold accents, with light colored material that doesn’t over power a beautiful face, body or person. What woman wouldn’t want to step into the season looking and feeling amazing? That was the intent from photographer and stylist James Pennie. He coordinated the attire, location and shoot with Make-Up Artist / Hair stylist Allen Jones and model Llauryn Hendrix. With a solid team in place they each brought their talents to the table to create Stance!

Pennie, originally from Miami, FL now resides in Atlanta, GA where the talent comes thick as a photographer and stylist. There are many facets of modeling and photography throughout the Atlanta area but Pennie primarily shoots high-fashion, dark beauty, boudoir and glamour. His spin on normality isn’t always direct but it exists within his style of photography.

The attire was gathered from different locations since Pennie wanted variety and a seamless flow throughout the wardrobe. Hendrix poses in the Hooded Cape with Piping and Shift Dress, that are apart of Zara’s fall collection. That fiery red purse is a new beauty from Ralph Laurens recent collection, called Newbury Double Zip Satchel from Macy’s. All of the elegant jewelry that Hendrix is wearing with the ensemble is from Charter Club Jewelry, and as she gracefully moves against pavement in a pair of red Guess Harrah Platform Pumps, also from Macy’s.

Make-Up Artist / Hairstylist Allen Jones saw Hendrix best fit with simple and natural make-up that did not overpower any part of the attire, while leaving Hendrix still charming to veer at from any distance. Jones prided himself with his ability to pamper a face with the needed level of make-up to fit the shoot in question. As to the pampering of Ms. Hendrix, it was a job well done.

The model who made this all come together, Llauryn Hendrix posed with poise and shear sexiness as she always does when apart of any shoot. Fortunately for us she’s not just a face, but instead one of the best models we have ever worked with. Collectively her posing, expressions and walk can’t be touched. Her experience in front of still and motion cameras cannot be tamed and those fortunate enough to capture her will agree that she is the missing link on any set.

Pennie wanted to give the model and attire a natural feel. So he photographed Hendrix in an area of Atlanta called Lindbergh. With storefronts, a train line, condos and apartments, this seemed to be a fitting location that would capture the hustle and movement of everyday life beautifully.

Pennie wanted a woman, any woman to look at this clothing arrangement, location and place herself in the scene. With everyday colors, pieces that are financially achievable and a little pride from within, this is every woman’s Stance. The team effort between Pennie, Jones and Hendrix made for beautiful captures that are bold, sexy and still classy.

Jacket and Dress – Zara
Purse: Ralph Lauren
Scarf: Charter Club
Jewelry: Style & Co.
Shoes: Jessica Simpson