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Fashion Editorial: Hatter

Fashion Editorial: Hatter


Photographer: Anthony Price
Model: Paul Talon
HMUA: Jonathan Eberhardt
Wardrobe: Heather Clark

The editorial is inspired by the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland and combines bold colors and patterns in a fabulously new and stylish perspective.

The Hatter is known to be Mad and dresses very appropriately as a gentleman should, and his styles reflect his many emotions, wearing unique outfits combining vintage and in season items to create a fresh grunge look and almost a cherry preppy look despite him having runny mascara the brighter bolder colors the hatter can be seen smiling and still instilling sense of cheer and pep. Three piece suits, runny mascara and vintage jackets and tops combined together with exaggerated fur coats give this editorial its feel. Notice that no one is at his tea party when he usually has such an eclectic group of friends around, this might be attributing to his sadness, but “the Hatter” might have been mad enough to forget to invite people this time around. Either way, him being alone is responsible for his sadness, and he eventually decides to leave, showing up fashionably late to wherever he is headed to.

His first outfit consists of a vintage ankle length black fur coat, a vintage bold red vest paired, with a contemporary paisley patterned Christian Dior tie over a blue with polka dots long sleeve button up and the bottom half consists of some black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots. The Hatter without his Hat and is getting ready to go to the party.

The second outfit consists of pale blues grays and an array of patterns.The outfits consist of a vintage jacket vintage tie and a contemporary Calvin Klein shirt. The Hatter is holding his clock laying around before the party.

In the third outfit, The hatter is wearing an old vintage brown and red blazer with age spots and bleach spots on it, underneath wearing a vintage shirt with a sewn on patterning, the Hatter loves this outfit but since the Hatter can’t seem to find an appropriate hat for his outfit for his tea party he’s been planning and he is still laying around but his mascara is running now because he is a bit sad that he can’t wear this outfit anymore now.

The hatter finally found his hat in the fourth outfit which is mostly vintage. From top to bottom consists of a bold vintage blue fedora with a bold almost ankle length bold blue jacket combined with a pastel green vest with a contemporary American Eagle striped blue and yellow long sleeve button up paired with a blue and yellow polka dot patterned tie.He’s in a rush to get to his party forgot to wipe off his runny mascara, and he figured all his friends know him well anyway so this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for him.

The fifth outfit he shows up to his tea party, waiting for his friends watching the time, and he’s wearing a blue fedora paired with a vintage burgundy Corduroy blazer, paired with a light blue Express Men’s shirt underneath and Christian Dior tie to bring them it all together.

In the sixth outfit, he is still waiting for his friends, he’s already been waiting for a while now, but knowing his friends they may have got lost and one of his friends always arrives late. Now the hatter has decided to check the time on all his stopwatches to see if the time is right or what time it is where his friends are. He’s wearing a black fedora with a blue blazer paired with a lighter blue patterned with (black skull and crossbones) polka dots and three vintage watches with a dark grey on black patterned vintage tie.

The Hatter is upset no one showed to his tea party so he decides to go on his way in the last outfit. Wearing a short sleeve contemporary patterned shirt with black patterned tie, and black vintage fur coat, black skinny jeans, and Chelsea boots.



Full Color, Glossy Finish – 8.5×11 INCHES
Additional Prints $10 Each