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Fashion Editorial: FRINGE

Fashion Editorial: FRINGE


The concept for this creative fashion editorial begun with the intention to mix color, light, and movement together to create a beautiful, graceful, yet dark display of motion captured in time. The colorful long pieces of FRINGE matched with the structured designer garments helped set the foundation for creativity to flow in all team members areas of expertise. From the the keen and expert eye of the photographer, talented artistry of the makeup artist and hair stylist, and the posing ability and alternative look of the models, the concept was able to be carried out flawlessly and with great success. As your eyes move through the images that make up this story, we invite you to pause and take a moment to observe the 3 distinct meanings of the word FRINGE that are being conveyed.

The team behind the concept consisted of the following talented individuals from Toronto, Canada:

Stephen M. Loban is a professional fashion and beauty photographer with a large portfolio of internationally published work. His signature use of light and shadows emphasize not only his models’ features but also his unique vision. Described as “deeply zealous about his photographic work” and “consistently creating images that are inspiring and inventive”, his eye tries to catch that moment with the click of a shutter. Intelligence, sophistication, truth, are all elements he looks for when taking pictures. The mood he tries to create is different to all who view it, and that is what makes his photography so unique. Stephen feels as an artist, he should always be growing, trying new things and pushing his abilities and equipment. It is his boundary-breaking nature, along with his relentless desire to evolve that steadies his attraction to the vibrant world of fashion photography.

Dorangeen To is the Designer and Owner behind the Label “Doreen To”. The collection, Paper Samurai, as seen in this editorial, was inspired by the mix between traditional Japanese armory and Origami. The aesthetics of the collection is conceptual, and Avant-garde street wear. Luxurious organic wool, wool silks, digitally printed Ponte de Roma knits, metallic denim, and silk jacquard lining are some of the fabrics used in this collection. It features structured panels and lines that evoke the samurai gear and the tucks, drapes, and appliques are a reflection of paper manipulation. The linings inside the garments were hand dyed using an ancient Japanese dying technique, Shibori. Each piece was designed to be empowering and her designs do not gender discriminate.

Tanushree Pande is the Designer and Founder of “Poplyn”. Her brand ‘Poplyn’, derived from the cotton fabric ‘Poplin’, represents her love for the pure, simple ways fashion gets affected by the vast cultural presence. The collection ‘RAILROAD’, as seen is this editorial, was inspired by Toronto Transit Commission. The web of rails, trains and street cars that form the heart of any busy metropolis in today’s society is a step into the future while preserving Earth. Every time we take public transport, we not only escape the traffic in the city but we end up saving fuel, reduce pollution and in turn do our bit in saving the planet. Inspired by the patterns, colors and prints found in and around TTC stations and vehicles- a train door becomes a dress, a metal plate joining carts inspires a pattern and so forth.

Pinch Cosmetics was created by makeup/hair artist Lisa Arsenault. Pinch Cosmetics Artistry is devoted to creating art that is beautiful, fun, and creative. Lisa Arsenault’s attention to detail is created with traditional brush techniques and a keen eye for color choice. Lisa’s work has been published in several mediums and can be seen throughout the pages of many magazines internationally as well as on the catwalk of many of Toronto’s top runway shows.

Ryan Turner has been working in the hair styling industry for 10 years. He began doing hair at a mere age of 15 years old behind the scenes at Toronto’s infamous Fashion Week. Since then, Ryan’s passion and expertise in styling hair has lead him to be called on for many fashion and hair shows and his work has been displayed in numerous magazines. He currently works at a salon and enjoys collaborating with teams on fashion editorials and creatives. Ryan is also skilled in the art of makeup which he’s been doing for the last 3 years.

JayJay Kings is an experienced runway and high fashion alternative model who has been published in a variety of magazines across North America and walked in numerous runway shows for international designers. JayJay prides himself on being different and blurring lines, and is able to transcend gender barriers creating impact images and walking in runway shows as male, female, and androgynous characters. Set on producing inspiring images, JayJay is always looking to create.

Kehli G is a seasoned editorial fashion, creative beauty, and runway model who has been published in a number of magazines world wide and is represented by Valt Models. Kehli loves collaborating with artists of all types on creatives, fashion editorial projects for submission, runway shows, and is often the creative director of many of her shoots. Kehli does not let her tattoos define or limit her in the world of fashion modeling. Although she has a more alternative appearance, she strives to push the limits in terms of the magazines and runways that she will have the privilege of gracing. She hopes to spread a sense of normality in terms of the acceptance of tattoos in the fashion modeling world. Both JayJay Kings and Kehli G co-designed the FRINGE garments and accessories that adorned the designer outfits in this editorial and played a major role in the styling of FRINGE.

Photographer: Stephen M. Loban
Models: JayJay Kings
Kehli G (Valt Models)
MUA: Lisa Arsenault for Pinch Cosmetics
Hair Stylist: Ryan Turner
Clothing Designers: Doreen TO 
House of Poplyn

2505: Top: Poplyn, Hair Skirt: Kehli G
2550: Hair Top: Kehli G, Skirt: Poplyn
2570: Hair Top: Kehli G, Skirt: Poplyn
2620: Jacket: Doreen TO, Hair Shoulder Accessory: Jay Jay Kings, Pants: Doreen TO, Shoes: Stylist’s Own
2659: Jacket: Doreen TO, Hair Shoulder Accessory: Jay Jay Kings
2680: Jacket: Doreen TO, Top: Poplyn, Hair Necklace: Jay Jay Kings, Pants: Poplyn