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Fashion Editorial – Freedom

Fashion Editorial – Freedom


Photographer: Buzhinskaya Yulia
IG: https://www.instagram.com/yuliabuzhinskaya/
WB: yuliabuzhinskaya
Wardrobe Stylist: Daria Kartushina
WB: daria_belkovna
Hair Stylist: Konstantin Eremin
WB: @konstantin__eremin
calligraphy: Alina Ipatova
WB: @alina.ipatova
Makeup Artist: Gulnara Erturk
WB: @gulnara_erturk
model agency: Vertulian Model Agency
WB: @vertulianmodels

Wardrobe Credits:
1-4: Dress by Marou T-shirt by Marou
5-9: Top by no name Trousers by Seyana Accessories by Lisitsa shop
10-14: Top by no name Trousers (eco leather) by Marou
15-19: Dress by Michael Kors Satin by stylist property Accessories by Lisitsa shop

Any photoshoot is definitely a self-expression. I came up with an idea of personal freedom, boundaries, space between me and other people and was wondering what is it all for me? How do I restrict myself from people? How can I understand, that I am free to live my life? Where does the freedom of one person ends and the freedom of another begins? When do we feel free? Is it selfishness? This project is a discussion of how we limit ourselves from the world and the world from ourselves. The shooting consists of 4 phenomena of freedom. Each has a different color and thus, idea.

Let’s start with the first one, ‘Personal boundaries’. Its colour is blue, as a reference to the sky. There I wanted to tell that it is essential to keep our personal boundaries, because the world constantly wants to break them. You have to have your own principles, your own desires, your own space. That’s how you keep being positive and stay away from toxic energy. That is a basis of personal freedom – boundaries. On the body you can see such phrases as ‘no exceptions’, ‘i set my limits’, ‘stop’. That is where it all begins. We learn to understand what we want to do alone, whether we want to go to the cinema or not, whether we want to join a party or not etc.

Let’s move on to the second one – ‘Calmness’. Calmness is the result, to which a person comes, by observing his personal boundaries. It is a state of an absolute happiness, you are not worried about others, you enjoy yourself. Basically, that is where we all are headed to. Happiness, love, joy. Once you achieved that, you may consider your life journey is on another level. You have broken free from all obligations, unhealthy relationship, prejudices. There we can see such phrases on the body as: ‘find yourself first’, ‘i’m strong’, ‘i take care of myself’. These words say for themselves. By taking care of yourself, you are making a step forward to calmness. You are love. Love is love is love.

Compromise. As we communicate with other people daily, it is inevitable to compromise with them. Especially, in our personal lives. It may be the most complicated part, and I believe we learn to balance on it for all our lives. So we are to find a compromise, but definitely in a way to not to infringe on ourselves. We have to remain free. Phrase there: ‘If someone you let in, comes in and damages you, give yourself time to recover’. Also, in these photos there are two people, but one is in a shadow. That underlines the importance of yourself, thinking of you before others. That’s called balance.

Lastly, there is ‘anger’. Anger is how we defence our freedom, our personal boundaries. The colour is, of course, red. That highlights the whole mood of the picture, stresses us, motivates to raise and speak. If someone wants too much from us, we become protectors. If someone is claiming on your time, energy, any impact, and you don’t want it – that is exactly the time to protect your boundaries. Anger gives us force to show anyone where is that line between you and them. Thus, I may suppose that anger is to be the most important aspect, because that is how we keep our space private and sustain our mental health. On the body are written phrases: ‘Except it or leave it’, ‘solitude is scared’, ‘i always pick me’. Which is really what we should do.

This photoshoot is not just about our personal freedom, it is a map in some way. It tells us what should be inside us, so we could feel ourselves free. I even can figure them out in steps: 1 – setting personal boundaries, 2 – anger, 3 – compromise, 4 – calmness. One day we all will get there. Love is love is love.

Fashion Editorial - Freedom

Fashion Editorial – Freedom

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