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Fashion Editorial – Forbidden Boudoir

Fashion Editorial – Forbidden Boudoir


Photographer: Sam Hawleywood
Niki Teljega
Location: Prohibition Brisbane
Makeup Artist: Emilia-Maria Krenzel
Female Model: Kimberley Bunder

“They banned it.”
“Banned what?”
“They said you can’t make it anymore.”
“…Make it?”
“Yeah, You can’t make it, import it, or transport it.”
“Well, what the Hell are we going to drink then?”

It’s one set of stairs leading down off the street in Brisbane City that separates a hundred years of history. When you take the steps into the underground Fortitude Valley nightclub, Prohibition, the year 2017 no long exists.

The walls steeped in deep emeralds and burgundy, highlighted with rich gold textures exude an era of the speakeasy life, which create the perfect location for this Forbidden Boudoir shoot. You can almost hear the echoed whispers of live jazz bands, the flappers chatting away and dancing the Charleston.

The roaring twenties was a time that brought about a great change in society. A breaking away from the old, outdated regimes, traded for a prevailing sense that something new was happening. Times reflecting a culture and coming into its own.

A hole in the wall place like this, it wouldn’t surprise you to see guys like Gatsby, Al Capone or even Bonnie and Clyde run through here at one time or another. These guys are classics.

That’s the thing about classics. They’re timeless.

With the photographic direction of this shoot given by Sam Hawleywood, the goal was to capture not only the timeless beauty of high-end couture but also the exciting essence that comes with something new and fresh.

Whether these gorgeous outfits designed by Niki Teljega were designed this year or the better part of a century ago two things remain true: Elegance and class will never go out of style. And yet, with a charisma all of its own, the aim was to call on this inspiration to create a character unique to its own. Here we present the face of a collaboration of emerging artists also, coming into their own.

Niki’s designs, with hair and makeup by Emilia-Maria Krenzel brought to life by Kimberley Bunder crafted the unity we were looking for between model, design, and location, and using all three to showcase not only some beautiful work, but work that captures the emotion and feeling of moving into a new era back on our 2017 streets.

So while alcohol restrictions may have changed, but some things haven’t. Some things needn’t.