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Fashion Editorial – Fear of the Dark

Fashion Editorial – Fear of the Dark


“Photographer: Lina Paslawska*
Model: Marie Idlin
Make-Up: Aleksandra Bożek
Hair: Wiola Pezda

Wardrobe credits:
Look 1,2: Skirt – SIMPLE, Lingerie – Models Own
Look 3,4: Jacket – Guess, Body, and accessories – Bordelle
Look 5,6: Longsleeve – Models own
Look 7,8: Gloves – ZARA, Dress – Herve Leger

We all have dark places. Fear of the dark.

“Seemed like she could hold on to the good mood if everyone just stayed in their place. She needed the good mood, the way you need sleep after an all-nighter, the way you daydream of throwing yourself into bed. Every day she woke up and swore she wouldn’t let the farm weigh her down, wouldn’t let the ruination of it (three years she was behind on the loan, three years and no way out) turn her into the kind of woman she hated: mirthless, pinched, unable to enjoy anything. Every morning she’d crack herself down onto the flimsy rug by her bed and pray, but it was actually a promise: Today I won’t yell, I won’t cry, I won’t clench up into a ball like I am waiting for a blow to level me. I will enjoy today. She might make it to lunch before she went sour.”

― Gillian Flynn, Dark Places