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Fashion Editorial – Farm Noir

Fashion Editorial – Farm Noir


Photographer: Alena Sazonova

Makeup & Hair: Amy Lawson/Bright for Smashbox Cosmetics

Styling: Amy Lawson

Model: Diana Azalea Jeanette / Numa Models

LOOK 1,2: BCBG lace top, Ali & Jay Lace Dress
LOOK 3,4: Fashion Union Bib Front Dress, Forever 21 slip dress, Boots Boohoo
LOOK 5,6: ALICE + Olivia Treena blouse, Rachel Roy Vest, Kensie culottes
LOOK 7,8,9: Free People skirt, TOV pleated sleeve top
LOOK 10,11: ASOS Skater Midi Dress, Stylists own gloves, Forever 21 hat
LOOK 12,13: H&M blouse, Reclaimed Vintage Denim Dress, Shoes Guess

“Farm Noir” was inspired by the visual imagery of cinema films like “The Witch” and “Winter’s Bone”. The idea was to create an editorial that was beautiful and mysterious, but not to delve too deep in any specific type of genre. The location of “Farm Noir” brought us to a century old abandoned milk barn. This scene was befitting of the emotion we wanted to convey. The lush growth of the forest and vines that had taken over the area was a nice juxtaposition against the rotting wood and rust of the old barn.

Alena Sazonova is a photographer based in San Francisco, CA. She mainly shoots fashion and beauty. Her work has spanned the globe from Russia to the U.S. Her images have a vivid quality even with the darkest of moods. She has always had a love of anything eerie and beautiful. With this shoot, Alena wanted to create a somber mood while still showing an elegant side to the long forgotten barn. The technical goal of the images was to desaturate the color to create the overall mood, but not sacrificing color altogether. Alena’s photography aesthetic varies from colorful to the dark and morose. However, she always likes to retain that bit of edge that is a common theme in her photographic style. The fashion and beauty were also meant to reflect this same ideal.

Amy Lawson is a San Francisco, CA-based makeup & hair artist. Her collaboration on this shoot also consisted of coming up with fashion looks for this editorial. Amy had just finished watching the movie “The Witch” and was just mesmerized by the cinematography. She also loved the minimalistic quality of the costumes. “I wanted to create something that had an almost Amish aesthetic, but still keep it modern and high fashion. The color palette is very monotone, and the silhouettes very simple. This could have lent the looks to become passive or not inspiring, but the different textures like lace and leather make the fashion stand out in their own right.

The makeup look was also meant to keep within the mysterious, but beautiful aspect. The smokey eye was the perfect complement to the edgy feel of leather and lace. The eyes were meant to convey a sense of sadness and fatigue, but forgoing the glam that is usually associated with a smokey eye. The plum smokey eye pairs perfectly with a “faraway” gaze without looking goth (like a black smokey eye can sometimes do). Skin was given a soft, matte texture. Because the look was a dark beauty, dewy skin and shimmery products were avoided. In keeping with the dark feel, model Diana was requested to exude a sense of sadness, or that a sense of fear or danger was justifiable. Farm life is difficult and that somber feeling is what the editorial was about. Although it’s a subtle darkness, the elements of sinister are definitely there. This farm is abandoned, but possibly not devoid of an outside force. The question we wanted the editorial to ask is “is she a farm girl or is she a witch?”

Both photographer and makeup artist have a love of the horror film genre, but generally aren’t fans of themes. The goal was always to create something that had a horror/mystery film feel to it, without forcing the appearance of those genres. It is ultimately a fashion shoot, and that was always the goal of what this editorial was meant to show. We’re really proud of the final result, and being able to bring the concept to fruition as we originally envisioned. The editorial would make any “good witch” proud.

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