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Fashion Editorial: Fancy Boredom

Fashion Editorial: Fancy Boredom


Robin Bervini is a 25 years old photographer born and raised in Southern (Italian speaking) Switzerland. After studying Arts in Northern Italy he finished his bachelor in Visual Communications at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland in 2012 but has been fiddling with analog photography since he found a Polaroid camera sitting around his house in 2009. Since then he experimented with different camera formats, from instant film to large format, manipulating images in darkroom understanding how each photographic medium could take him to different results. His main subject has always been artistic nude and portraiture in their different forms, mainly balancing natural ambient light and shooting analog, as he finds himself better with natural looking, barely or non-photo-shopped results as it happens with Polaroids.

The tiny reality of southern Switzerland sets an environment where most young creatives get to know each other through mutual friends or cultural events, allowing them to trigger interesting cross media collaborations in order to help out each other and getting some visibility at the same time. Robin used to do his own low key, model-photographer only shoots until he was contacted by a former schoolmate from Italy who urgently needed a photographer to shoot her fashion design project as an editorial for her finals. That was the first time Robin was part of a team and had people taking care of all other aspects than taking the photos. For his surprise, the photo shoot turned out very good other than having been a fun job, and since then he focused on fashion editorial photography, with the aim to improve his technique and take his style from his analog experience to fashion.

It is thanks to the same tiny and connected environment that Robin has been recently contacted by his friend and fashion designer Michela Quadri, who owns and runs her independent one-woman brand Lamiration. After previous low key collaborations between the two, Michela asked Robin to help her create an imagery for her latest collection, also inspired on – or explained by – the character of Margot Tenenbaum (played by Gwyneth Paltrow), from the movie The Royal Tenenbaum.

After discussing the project, Robin and Michela agreed on a fancy but spoiled mood, for which they found Italian model Carmilla Misa to be suitable. Her delicate body and thin, fragile face easily embody the look of a high class, extremely bored and problematic young woman. Again thanks to the area connections, the two could get access to Turba Club, a new private location that featured rooms and furniture’s with the right amount of sophistication and aging, to perfectly frame their story and showcase Michela’s works.

To take care of hair and make-up Michela decided to rely on 21 years old Jessica Dragone, an emerging hair stylist and make-up artist she previously worked with. She fitted perfectly in the team, her formation in Switzerland and Milan has been proved in this editorial where she could test her skill.