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Fashion Editorial – Your Era

Fashion Editorial – Your Era


Photography: Artur Iskandarov . Instagram- AIR_418
Designer: all clothers- Yolly Darkovich . Instagram- l.o.h.apparel
Style: Artur Iskandarov . Instagram- AIR_418
Model: Yolly ( Masson management (Instagram- massonmanagement ) masson-mgmt.com)
Makeup/Hair: Margarita Karnitskaya .Instagram- margokarnitskaya
Assistant: Donata Iskandarova . Instagram- donata.iskandarova
Location: MATRЁSHKA Photo Studio

These are modern times, I told myself. Bur, we have not trapped them. We can go where we like, commuting with angels, to reprise a time in human history more science fiction than the future.” Train M, Patti Smith

I was inspired by the style itself as well as the clothes that have permeated ages. I’d like to show that today anything the history’s given us could be mixed and combined in an appropriate way. Human (no matter the gender) is allowed absolutely everything to express their inner state: being Renaissance-dreamy, being office drone-like conservative, being a freak, being a man, a woman. All clothes were created by aspiring designer YOLLY for her brand l.o.h.apparel. The clothing blends bashfulness of the youth and timeless elegance allowing them to be matched easily with any outfit. It’s universal and could be worn either by a skater-girl or an ambitious young man.