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Fashion Editorial: Enigmatic

Fashion Editorial: Enigmatic


Wardrobe Stylist/Makeup Artist/Photographer/Hair Stylist: Hanna Nguyen
Female Model: Lanette Sok @Grogan Management

Top & Belt: Express
Skirt & Shoes: Windsor

Photographer, MUAH, Wardrobe: Hanna Nguyen
IG: @misshannanguyen

Model: Lanette Sok
IG: @l4nette

Feminine power is silent, dark, mysterious, healing, and nurturing. It’s the sway in her hips, the insatiable thirst to conquer more. The embodiment of love and open-mindedness while staying firm in beliefs and value. Freedom from the fear of society’s judgment, freedom to be oneself. It’s ambition and quiet confidence, pushing through any self-doubts. It’s utilizing the tools already given by the mind and the universe, like intuition, together with one’s vessel of a body, to take action and nourish their individual gifts and talents. A woman can walk into a room and control it without even having to open her mouth. She knows where her power lies. Her presence, her mind, her beauty, unmatched. It’s more than being comfortable in her own skin. It is the most intriguing blend of simplicity and complexity. A recipe to love, while demanding the center of attention. She is a woman and more. A fascinating enigma, a paradox.

Entirely straightforward and open, she hides nothing, yet she is the most mysterious woman you will ever meet. A perplexing fantasy, she is everything you could ever desire. But how? How is it that someone you can never fully comprehend, be all the more charming? Truly exquisite. Uneasy to define. She lets us wonder about her. That’s why. She keeps you on your toes, questioning, wondering, always yearning for more. Yet, she is openly and confidently herself. What is it that makes you want her? Her amber eyes, or shall I say onyx? Her precious and exquisite eyes glimmer different colors depending on her mood. They always seem to be calculating, speaking volumes. And her hair, she chops it off because she chooses not to shadow society’s standards of beauty. Her smitten heart-shaped lips that never seem to tire because she speaks with more than merely audible words. But it’s not just the way she speaks, her spellbinding good looks, or anything on the surface. Perhaps it’s her energy–the way that she carries herself. There is an element that radiates from within.

It is something that emanates from within her mind, her spirit. She is so in touch with her inner-soul that it makes its presence known. You sense her vibrations which are on an entirely different wavelength than those whose thoughts are focused on superficial, shallow ideas. It’s like you can hear her song, her story resonating within because whatever energy she exudes is so brilliant and vivid. She releases this emotion through careless, violent, sweet, and gut-wrenching chuckles, cries, shouts, and everything in between. Yet, there is a quiet calm about her that never fails to intrigue you. What is it inside of her that allows for this bliss, whilst encompassing a ravishing soul that causes the earth to shake and oceans to crash? She is driven, passionate, and always prepared to conquer her next move.

We may never know if she is plotting wicked, or if she is plotting for good, but whatever it is she sure is damn good at it. Your desire for her, it is not merely physical nor worldly. It is beyond that. She makes you wonder what goes on in her mind and her spirit. She is a natural, free from anything other than herself. Unsure about anything that pertains to this woman, you ask again. Who is she? That still remains unsolved. She loved mysteries so much that she became one. You can only call her the one sure thing that comes to mind.


Full Color, Glossy Finish – 8.5×11 INCHES
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