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Fashion Editorial: Elementals

Fashion Editorial: Elementals


The Elementals was conceptualized by Stylography LLC, an innovative production duo, made up of photographer Jeff Levy, and jewelry designer and stylist Larissa Favier. Through creative and intelligent styling, coupled with dynamic photography and out of the box thinking, Stylography is unparalleled. Stylography creates evocative, expressive and impactful images that speak to their audience in a way that relates to and inspires them. Stylography is based out of the Tri-State area of NY, NJ and PA, where they offer fashion and lifestyle photography services.

Larissa Favier, is a creative force behind Stylography, bringing over 10 years of experience in accessory design, styling and art direction. While attending Parsons School for Design, she discovered her passion for creating unique, up-cycled statement jewelry from found and recycled materials. After graduating, her entrepreneurial disposition lead her towards freelance work; creating body armor, for an Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Ad Campaign, which was displayed in Sephora stores worldwide. Her designs have also been featured in ads for Color Proof Hair Care, the international BLEND Magazine and NEXT Magazine where her work was worn by Olympic skater Johnny Weir.

The jewelry designs depicted in this editorial are a selection of pieces from Larissa’s first complete collection. The collection is deeply rooted in the earth and influenced by the elements and seasons. Inspiration was drawn from cultures worldwide, primarily Nordic and African. The combination resulted in one of a kind statement jewelry with an overall rustic, yet modern, organic, yet industrial sensibility. Each handcrafted wearable art piece was meticulously created using ancient techniques; lost wax casting and materials such as jewelers resin, hand carved wood from reclaimed oak floor boards, recycled materials, hardware, leather, metal chaining, to list a few. Detailed pendants are made to mimic the intricate roots of an elder tree, dripping with metallic hues, of copper, gold, silver and brass. From the hand sculpted glacial and icicle formations cast in ice-blue shades of resin, to the uniquely stained reclaimed wood and industrial hardware reminiscent of a Viking ship which once sailed the seas, this collection has a tangible connection to the earth and pays homage to the history of ancient cultures.

Jeff Levy, Stylography’s photographer was tasked with capturing the essence of Larissa’s collection. Jeff, has worked as a freelance studio and event photographer for over 8 years and has a wide array of experience in the field. His photography has been published by Fashion Week Inside Look Magazine, Ultimate Athlete Magazine, The NCAA, PureVolume.com and others. Jeff is a visionary photographer who sees the world in its true vibrancy.

Jeff innately chose Trexler Nature Preserve in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania because it was evocative of his travels to National Parks in the Midwestern states of South Dakota and Colorado. An environment largely untouched by mankind such as this was reminiscent of a land just being discovered and the ideal spot to represent Larissa’s jewelry. The location became the setting of the editorial right as the seasons were changing so the preserve could be captured in its most colorful state, and cohesively represent the suggestion of the changing seasons which is expressed in the jewelry. Trexler Nature Preserve’s Jordan Creek, rolling hills, scenic vistas and rugged terrain beautifully complement the jewelry collection and provide an organic backdrop for the editorial.

Just as Larissa’s collection combines old and new techniques Jeff took a similar approach photographically. Vintage manual Nikon film lenses were adapted onto a Canon digital camera and combined with natural light while using cinematic color grading in post processing to create a classically inspired look on some images. Specific models with a distinct look were chosen to creatively magnify the Nordic influences in the jewelry. For this same reason, we decided to incorporate hair styles that were textural, with braided and twisted details. Some of the models’ makeup were meant to give an icy undertone, while others evoke a seductive strength.

The clothing was meant to take the backseat to the jewelry in this editorial. Fashion featured hipster, grunge and bohemian style overtone with a modern warrior undertone. Apparel with rich earthy leathers, textured materials and dark toned fabrics were selected to exemplify personas of power and beauty embodied by the female models and manifest the strength and grittiness in the male models.

For inquiries please visit Stylography at www.stylography.biz.


  • Grace Deissroth (Looks: 1 – 4, 5 on right, 9 in front, 15, 16, 17)
  • Saray Hollinger of Image International (Looks: 4 on right, 5 on left, 9 on right)
  • Dylan Seymour of the band Sons Of Seymour (Looks: 6 on right, 8, 9 rear center, 12, 13, 14) http://www.sonsofseymour.com/
  • Renee Wadsworth (Looks: 6 on left, 7, 11)
  • Adam Angelico (Looks: 9 on left, 10)

All clothing is stylist’s own or a combination of vintage pieces.


  • Photography by Jeff Levy of Stylography
  • Jewelry and styling by Larissa Favier of Stylography www.stylography.biz www.facebook.com/stylographybiz
  • Makeup by Shawnnah Drey
  • Hair by Tarin Bartholomew