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Fashion Editorial: Elegance with an edge

Fashion Editorial: Elegance with an edge


Photographer: Jerold Franco
Makeup and Hair: Kimberly Tessier
Model: Elena Clark from Angie’s Models and Talent
Clothing: Dresses by Wilfred. Fur coat and Leather Vest by Zara . Jewelry by BCBG.

Portfolio link: www.facebook.com/JeroldFrancoPhotography

My journey into creating this editorial started out by telling a story that I want my viewers to see through my camera lens. I believe that every photograph taken shares a story on how the photographer wants to tell his/her story. Also before creating a story, the photographer must have a vision before the photo is even taken.

When creating my story, I wanted to search for the model that I see fit for this editorial. Elena was the perfect fit for this editorial shoot because of her exotic look, experience and the fierce she brings while posing in front of the camera. Once I found my model I wanted create my story, it was only fitting to bring in a very talented makeup artist who did the makeup and hair, Kimberly Tessier.

My vision for this shoot was to come up with a story to grab the attention of my viewers. Location for the shoot is one of the key to get a sense of inspiration on how you want your shoot to turn out. We decide to do a photo shoot at neighborhood British pub. I have always loved the retro and vintage feel when I do a shoot and the pub gave me that vibe. It inspires the whole team!

The first look, we wanted to show the fierce elegant side of the model with the styling of her hair and choosing a fur coat. The fierce and high fashion rich lady with determination. Trying to show the bold side of the model with powerful intense look. The second look, we wanted more of a grunge style. The leather vest the model was wearing made it more of a punk rock edgy fierce look. Two outfits and look, but the same intensity throughout the shoot. The accessories also complimented the style of look we were going for.

Capturing images in Black and White has a subtle beauty, something color images could sometimes never achieve. B/W captures the more intense inner soul of the photo. Vintage feel and the dark shades bring the mages to life. I have always loved the quote of by a famous photographer, “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph in Black and White, you photograph their souls!”