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Fashion Editorial: From Dusk to Dawn

Fashion Editorial: From Dusk to Dawn


Photographer : Julie De Moura http://www.juliedemoura.com/
Makeup and hair : Carleen Gordon http://www.carleengordon.com/
Models : Donja @Maroon and Sophie @IMM London
All Black dresses : ROMERO BRYAN London http://www.romerobryan.co.uk/
« Volume » Dresses : Anh Phan http://instagram.com/anhphantastic#
Leather accessories : NEANGA https://www.facebook.com/nsjwl
Metal Jewellery : Stephanie O’Leary http://www.stephanieolearyjewellery.co.uk

Julie de Moura studied visual arts and fashion photography in Paris. During her studies she started working with many Parisian underground artists, such as performers, tattoo artists, musicians, etc. Later she decided to dedicate herself to fashion photography, and started to work for french Independent designers.

After two years being freelance photographer in France, she came to London, where after some collaborations with different fashion creative’s, she met Makeup artist Carleen Gordon with whom she worked on this editorial.

Carleen Gordon is a London Based makeup who studied at the London School of Beauty and Makeup. She has worked with various music artists, fashion designers, websites and a recent film shown at Cannes Film festival 2014. She is always looking to re define someone’s look through colors and application.

The editorial was a personal project between the two creative’s. A certain atmosphere that they wanted to create in order to show their love for creativity and boldness in fashion. Whilst they both adore mainstream fashion, they recognize that they both enjoy concepts with an edge, Dark Beauty if you like. The editorial reflects that fashion and beauty can be reflected in different ways, The direction taken here being to show a beauty releasing a deep emotion, by means of a styling mixing romantic inspirations in opposition to cold and modern elements. The black outfits taking dark and poetic connotations, while the volume dresses and metallic jewelry having modern shapes and sharp cuts are colder and merciless.

The beauty lies here in the difference and the unconventional, but especially in the opposition between the softness and the darkness, the cold and the warmth, the dawn and the dusk.

After a meeting and brainstorming, choosing the styling, clothing, and models that will able to show what they wanted to express was the next step. They understood the concept of their aim so choosing the right models and designer pieces was crucial to enable them to achieve the right look for the editorial.

Four young up and coming designers participated in the shooting. Romero Bryan- graduated from the London College of Fashion in late 2005 and propelled his career with rapid succession. His designs have been worn by celebrities and fashion royalty from all around the globe, such as Alek Wek, Alicia Keys, Elizabeth Jagger, & Kelly Rowland, to name but a few. His pieces helped build a strong look within the editorial due the versatility of the pieces.