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Fashion Editorial: The Duality Natural

Fashion Editorial: The Duality Natural


Photographed by Bill Walters
Styled by Denise Delise
Makeup By Nina DeGiglio
Hair By Bill Schrlau
Nails By Gracie J
Christian @ FentonMoon
Catherine @ FentonMoon
Photo Assistants: Andres Guzman, Juan Rincon
Hair Assistant: Laura Denny
Stylist Assistant: Kelly MacNamara

What drives my overwhelming passion as a fashion photographer is my intrigue with the depth and complexity of the female personality as how it relates to her physicality. How each of these amazing facets interprets the emotional and physical projections of a woman as she exists in moments of time.

As I become enveloped into the artist world of fashion design and beauty, with its complex illumination of female mood and form. I see myself as a passionate observer, momentarily overwhelmed with the aura and allure of this female existence to which I transcend into symbolic visual iconic illustration. The turning of a beautiful, exquisite gemstone in front of my lens, igniting each of these facets of mood and emotion as a symbiosis of interpretation of fashion, beauty, and feminine physicality.

With the Duality Natural editorial shoot I have assembled a phenomenal team of professionals to collaborate with. My main collaborative relationship is with photo/fashion stylist Denise Delise who together with, we create shoot concepts from my base emotional and conceptual ideas to which Denise completes the complexity of forming the basis to which we drive the rest of the team with.

From Denise’s, Nina’s, and Bill’s perspective on the Duality Natural shoot;

“Evil requires the sanction of the victim.” – Ayn Rand
The Duality Natural editorial explores just that.
It inspired me to come up with the color concepts of red, black, white, and grey. Focusing on both light and dark, I thought of the light and dark in each of us, the devil and the angel that resides constantly struggling within.

Model Christian was the darker of the two characters; she played the devil within tempting the good natured Catherine. As the editorial progresses you see Christians influence getting stronger in Catherine and Hench the evolution of her look, until finally the devil wins and good in conquered.

We start with Christian, making a bold statement in the red Rita Vinieries dress, drawing the viewer in as the Devil often does. Catherine starts innocently, in her Badgley Mischka gown. The look was inspired by the iconic images of the Virgin Mary. Through the evolution of the shoot, model Catherine fights her temptation. I wanted to design a piece that would reflect the battle ahead. The chain mail necklace I designed was inspired by Joan of Arc, the necklace is a statement of the fight she is to face. The images of sinful Catherine is followed by feather armor that she to is about to fight as well as playing on the image of Lucifer, the fallen angel. I carried over the idea of the darker angel in the image of Christian “Claiming” Catherine in the subtle feathers of the Magaschoni jacket she wears. In the end evil wins, the darker colors engulf Catherine and eventually she is ruled by Christian and her darkness. The last image needed to be the strongest. I wanted almost a naked feeling as if to show the seductive nature of evil itself. As if to tempt the reader, to embrace there dark nature.

MUA Nina DeGiglio:
The vision behind the makeup came from the idea of light versus dark and good versus evil. The makeup in the first shots was more subtle yet still represented the elements. With Catherine, I wanted to bring out her natural beauty with soft metallic colors since she was the light entity. Christian’s look had a more sinister feel to it with dark eyes and deep burgundy lips. As the shots progress, the makeup looks are stronger and more defined as to adhere to the clothing and lighting and to follow the story line..

Hair Stylist Bill Schrlau:
I started off with strong influences of duality in the hair with the textures. Model Christian’s hair inspired by Saskia De Brauws slick back look along with the prestige of Gucci. Gradually becoming stronger, and more crested, influenced by David Bowie.

While Catherine began in soft effortless waves working into more textured and tousled wave influenced by hair from Alexander Wang spring RTW2014 show. Her final look was influenced by 80s texture and softened reverse faux hawk that I stretched and flattened to give it the shape.