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Fashion Editorial – Drought

Fashion Editorial – Drought


Photography: Alejandro Padilla.
MUA: Diego Solis.
Hair: Diego Solis.
Style: Gabriel Honorato.
Fashion Director: Alejandro Padilla.
Model: Andrea del Águila for New Icon Management.

The human being is in search of freedom, looking for any reason to stay alive. She vibrates with the wind, unleashing undulations in every inch of cloth that caresses the frivolous hands of the night freshness. Where does the wind try to get in such a hurry? The woman you are, and as such your beauty has no known limits known to the human being; You walk between earth and the cracks of that funereal landscape you whisper nonexistent poems.

You have walked between earth and the wind, desirous of water, desirous of mental pleasures, desirous of a perfect and unique being, narrowing the fingers to caress the memories that hide between the immensity of the horizon.

Heaven is your father and you have to acclaim his presence in this empty and forgotten world, only to walk comforting you of the uncertain future of your funeral existence; Delight in the sun with your most humble steps and let your hands caress any dream that exists in your mind. Brunette with skin, tangled hair acclaiming freedom, huge clothes and a crimson tone of life; That is the perfect woman in any corner of this space-time.

The Blessed solitude that wounds any sinful being, any being with virtues and defects; Drag me between your blessed hands. Drought in my body, drought between my fingers, dries between my feelings; The cracks in my skin demand that I seek freedom, the wind, new landscapes, new beings full of life and disappointment, because the disillusioned are passionate, surrender, surrender to an uncertain future and live the present. A disillusioned woman who walks in the desert and surrenders to her heart, her wind, her pure asphyxia, delights with your clothes thrown to the wind, with your tangled hair caressing and entwining between the immensity of the horizon and its distant mountains.

How can you forget the past if it is the reason for your present? You walk alone to hear, to understand you, to know you because you feel empty between a blessed and pure solitude; Do not meditate so much, live. The control of everything is just a false door that you would not want to cross, leave the mystery alive.

Climb the mountains, lie on the ground, look through the cracks, create a universe in your loneliness, your abyss, your most cornered feeling. Place a crown and be the queen of your freedom, because between the horizon you can see your future, you just have to know. The sun bathes between your rays and you passionately caress them, because they give you energy. Your feet hurt, but you do not stop; What are you looking for in the desert? Freedom lies in your soul, in your heart, among the deeds you achieve with your beauty; You do not need anyone to find your flight, to satisfy your own desires. Your look delights any being that observes, enjoying beautiful landscapes and endless experiences between your loneliness. You do not need to speak to tell stories because your hands have much more to tell than your own language.

Your place is in the heavens acclaimed as a goddess, venerated by the world for your beauty. Your eyes are beautiful, your hands warm, your naked body is the immensity of the universe grouped into a being. You as queen of your own being, you as immense and beautiful desert. You are the only deity to be worshiped. I have observed you between the horizon and I have felt a cold between my column, since you glisten between any landscape, glisten between any feeling, glistens between any human being. You are blessed and beautiful you will be. Your beauty has no end.

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Full Color, Glossy Finish – 8.5×11 INCHES
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