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Fashion Editorial: The Divine Feminine

Fashion Editorial: The Divine Feminine


Kate Lionis is a photographer, residing in Sydney, Australia. I began doing portraiture photography in 2014. It began with an interest in taking portraits and I quickly branched out to editorial photography, as telling the story is as interesting to me as the technical aspect of photography.

The original idea might be an item of clothing, a photo, a photographers process, a location… the list goes on! After reaching out and putting a team together, the team looks at the idea to create a vision, and an important part of the process is to give the other members input into how they envisage the shoot. It is very important that each member of the team contributes their vision to the idea, and I truly believe that it allows the final product to be more than “the sum of its parts”.

This editorial, “The Divine Feminine”, was a long time in the making. I had originally set out to create a series with an ethereal feel. As I collected images to gain inspiration for a story it was quickly apparent at there was an underlying theme of femininity that is linked with term “ethereal”. So I began research on femininity and symbols of femininity both ancient and modern as I wanted to include a well rounded view on what is the “divine feminine”. It was exciting and confounding that these symbols have changed and even has become conflicted with time. For example in ancient times black was considered an feminine color as it is the absorbed of all light and women traditionally absorb all the energy from those around her. The color green was also considered an ancient color as it represents mother nature. However in modern times both of these colors are now considered to be masculine colors and white is associated with the purity of the devine feminine, which is why it is the choice for the wedding dress! Other symbols that I have included were the use of flowers and not using shoes throughout this shoot as one can draw feminine energy from the earth. Even the closed posing and the constant connection to the earth were used to reinforce the image of the divine feminine.

This shoot would not have been possible with out the assistance of my amazing team! Shirin Brigitte of Gear Model Management and Romel Models was the perfect person to convey the divine feminine as Shirin has a slightly androgynous look and I found it interesting to bring forward the feminine energy within her. Tiana Van designs supplied all the dresses for this shoot. They were instrumental in enhancing the modern feminine aspect of this shoot and they were perfect compliment to the dark forest setting. It was a plus that many designs included flower motifs in the garments to further enhance the theme and the stylist Jessica Rolfe arranged these designs to their best effect. The hair and makeup artist, Kristen Ellis, further enhanced Shirin’s feminine beauty and tied the whole look together!

I loved how this shoot came together and created in my eyes a juxtaposition between the ancient and modern symbols of femininity and develop of image of the divine feminine. This has become a concept I would love to explore further, for example to have a male model.

My work can be characterized with a lot of experimentation and trying new techniques in using movement and using flare. I like to give my pictures a painterly affect, and in creating an image that tends to be feminine and in hopefully creating a feminine ideal. My aim is to pursue this path and adapt it to other types of photography, including male portraits and creating a new effects. Photographers I look up to are the masters (in my opinion!!) Annie Leibovitz, Steven Meisel, Paolo Roversi, Henri Cartier- Bresson and current photographers Emily Soto, Lara Jade, Amanda Diaz, Alessio Albi and many others! This process is ever changing, and I am at the beginning of this journey and enjoying every minute of it!


Photographer: Kate Lionis
Model: Shirin Brigitte of Gear Model Management and Romel Model Management
HMUA: Kristen Ellis of Colour Beauty Brides
Stylist: Jessica Rolfe
Dresses by Tiana Van