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Everything is part of a love story…

Two photo enthusiasts who share their lives, whether in private life and the professional life and work together to be imaged their thoughts. Marc the photographer Julie hairdresser and makeup artist.

This idea came out of their imagination, there are now more than 18 months now. Sometimes an idea to put some time to achieve, even if it is visually very simple! What is more beautiful that nature around us, but also, what is more beautiful than the woman? A total symbiosis of two wonders that could only be logical! Take advantage of this gigantism we offer this framework, while presenting beautiful outfits that could disappear face of so much beauty. There was the whole exercise of style, this photo shoot!

Thanks to a courageous and talented team; courageous because many kilometer in the sand, with everything needed for this production and talented hardware because involvement, expertise, motivation foolproof and correlation implementation.

Only one hour from Paris, a natural and magical setting; here’s where it all started! This story takes place in the forest of Fontainebleau, formerly known as Forest Beer. The forest of Fontainebleau is famous worldwide for inspiring artists: Painters, photographers, writers, poets, etc. Its white sand is known to be one of the purest in the world, namely that there is 35 million years sea occupied the place of this great and amazing forest.  The softness of sand, the strength of its rocks, shattering the atmosphere that emerges from the trees and the flowers, the beauty of this goddess for a day; like a chameleon these clothes take a look that fits perfectly with the colors around, his body is one with the beautiful nature.

Marc Martinon dresses each matched to a specific environment:
The red dress symbolizing strength and power, marrying perfectly with the stone.
The pink dress representing sweetness and dream, delicately mixed with Briere (derived from heather).
The black dress with flower representing freedom and sensuality, reminded him of an Amazon (strong, independent women).
The black dress showing respect and elegance, as this scene!
All these dresses symbolize women today!

An idea that managed brilliantly showcase the designer (Elyssa Couture), offering me four dresses. But thanks to the talent of the makeup artist / hairdresser (Julie Mandin), which by its perceived complied fully with the theme. And his camera assistant (Douay Tao), which was a great help and very important and not to mention our beautiful model (Ohana Tavares), who demonstrated professionalism and a natural beauty and bringing the exoticism of their country of origin: Brazil.

This photographic series entitled: Demeter Goddess of the harvest and the seasons, but also known as the Goddess of Nature! Coveted by men, thanks to her beauty and extraordinary pleasure. Especially revered by women, but also very secretly envied! She preferred to remain in contact with the earth and men, rather than dwell on Olympus.  Here is my vision of this beautiful picture that is Goddess Demeter, a more contemporary way to showcase, through fashion in the 21st century.

Photographer : Marc Martinon – http://www.marcmartinon.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/marc.martinon.photographe
Make-up / Hair Styling : Julie MANDIN – http://www.juliemandin.book.fr/
Stylist : Elyssa Couture – http://www.elyssacouture.com/
Model : Ohana Tavares – https://www.facebook.com/ohana.tavares
Photo Assistant : Tao Douay – http://www.taodouay.com/

Wardrobe credits :
Red Dress by Faust – Photo : 01-02-03
Pink dress by Crea – Photo : 04-05-06-07-08
Black & flower print dress by Dunnes / Lingerie by Undiz / Shoes by Sergio Todzy / accessories by Claire’s – Photo : 09-10-11-12
Black Dress : Elyssa Couture/ Shoes by Sergio Todzi –  Photo : 13-14-15-16-17-18