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Fashion Editorial: DE STIJL

Fashion Editorial: DE STIJL


I am almost Thirty, Polish. I am a photographer, an animal lover, a vegan, a fan of fashion and visual arts. Creativity has always been a part of my life. As a child I was sawing, broidering, writing poems and fairy tales. I had encounters with theater (acting in two plays). I even though of becoming a photo model. However, as I started to take photos, I gradually gave up other artistic activities to focus on photography.

I started to take photos by chance but also because of my firm believe in my abilities. When I was in high school, somebody was looking for a person to take pictures for an album of my home town, Wrocław. I decided to take a chance, believing that I will be able to deal with an analog camera, despite lack of knowledge and previous experience. It turned out I was right. I did it spontaneously, intuitively selecting time and aperture, precisely focusing. I ended up with very good photographs, despite a few successful ones. Out of 36, more than a dozen ended up in the album. Funny enough, nobody had a faint idea that these were my first photographs taken with a manual camera ever.

After the successful debut in 2001, I stared to make more and more photographs, gradually learning various rules of photography. However practice was always most important to me. Because of practice I managed to win quite a few competition. As an award I received a free course in a photographic school. After two years I graduated it with a title of photographer-technician.

My creative process (from planning through execution to processing) takes on different shapes. At one time inspirations come to me spontaneously during various daily activities. On other occasions I search for them through observing people, looking at art, as well as conversations with people that I am close with. The person who inspires me most is my fiance, Bartosz Milewski. He is a versatile artist (he paints, draws, but also deals with photography, filming, writing, and so on) and a very interesting person. I learned a lot from him about color, texture, composition and lighting. Thanks to him I discovered a whole new visual world which is not always beautiful and perfects. I learned to discover the aesthetic in the unexceptional. Aside form being inspired by his art, I sometimes also use it directly as backgrounds for my photo-shoots. His engagement in the creative process and faith in his own abilities allowed me to open up and to see my own potential.

During a photo-shoot I use various equipment. I like to work with natural light, as well as to mix it with flash light. I often work outside a photographic studio. Of course, working with flash lights as well as continuous light has many advantages – an almost total control over light, being one of them. When I start to miss working in a studio, or when the circumstances make in impossible to shoot in a place where I planed, I go back indoors, trying to make the necessary scenery. At this point, I use a full frame DSLR, which is my main work tool. However I sometimes have nostalgic memories of analog SLR and I think of going back to it. I would like to be able to shoot large scale, glass plate negatives in the future, as well. This, however, is my long term plan.


Photographer: Anna Geziuk / geziuk.com
make-up & hair: Agnieszka Wojciechowska
models: Kamila Ibrom & Natalia Gulkowska / Avant Models Poland
dresses: Regard / facebook.com/regardfashion
shoes, jackets, bags: Wittchen
production: Anna Geziuk