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Fashion Editorial: Dark Romance

Fashion Editorial: Dark Romance


Photographer: Annika Hoelscheidt “Anywhere Photography”, www.annywherephotography.de
Model: Kate Delore, www.kate-delore.com, Model agency: LST Models
Makeup  Artist: Auguste Karsokaite

LOOK 1 – 6:
Black dress: Dark Pink
Earrings: Sweet Deluxe

LOOK 7 – 10:
Black pantsuit: Lenny B.
Fascinator: Asos
Shoes: H&M

They call me the wild rose, Our Shooting was inspired by the beautiful Song „Where the wild roses grow“ from Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue. We want to showcase, that is possible to create a gloomy and even so romantic story with black colors. Also to show the beauty inside from darkness. In general black clothes are an impressive way to make intense pictures with sustainability.

The location for this photo shoot was a little tower directly in Munich with an overgrown garden outside. It was the idea of the photographer to shoot there. The weather was like our photo shooting on this day: Cloudy and a dark mood and nobody else but our team. Just two cute squirrels, who were looking excited to our Model Kate. Model and Author Kate Delore among others is wearing a long beautiful and reckless dress from the great label „Dark Pink“ and some stunning black earrings from “Sweet Deluxe“ in the first photo series. She shows on the pictures the strong cool woman and simultaneously her vulnerability and her soft side. In actual fact, she can be both if she wants. First Kate ordered especially for the shooting some blue, pink and yellow decoration stuff from an online shop but it didn`t appear in time. So in the morning Kate spontaneously jumped to a flower shop to order some colorful ones. „Flowers are a girl`s best friend“, she said happily and was smiling.

The other outfit is a black stylish long-sleeve pantsuit from „Lenny B.“ which makes every woman elegant, confident and gorgeous! The look is clear and a bit freaky with purple shoes. It`s rounded down with a black cool fascinator on the head. That`s trendy fashion we think! Kate Delore has worked in many cities worldwide. In London and also in New York City she has much experience as a Model. Now she lives in Munich again – her hometown.

The photographer Annika Hoelscheidt also lives in Munich but she is traveling a lot in Germany to get always a fascinated photo from other people, models or couples. Photography is her passion. She loves to create Outdoor-Shootings in wild nature. She is specialized in people/fashion and wedding. The style of the photos from Annika Hoelscheidt are natural and authentic. She wants to show the viewer true stories. Typical for her photos is also a touch of dynamics and motion. When she makes a photo, Annika always shows the models with their soul.

The talented hair & makeup artist Auguste Karsokaite from Lithuania did also a great job with the face and hair of Kate Delore. The makeup was quite natural but with dark eyes – of course. She also loves to works with a healthy make up the foundation from Bourjois, which conjure a beautiful glossy tint. Altogether: Black is no color – It´s a black adventure for us!

Fashion Editorial - Dark Romance 10


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