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Fashion Editorial: Dark Manners

Fashion Editorial: Dark Manners



Photographer: Simona Marchaj www.facebook.com/simonamarchajphotography
model: Liz Harvey
Makeup: Shannon Rodrigeuz
Hair: Kelly Smith
Stylist: Bryant Woodson
Nails: Oluwaseyi Aladeselu
Writer: Andrew Alexander Arcos

When light enunciates the darkness to expose beauty. Although the bruise of deep violet cambers off the skin, shadow is what illuminates form. It kindles texture between ribs in the fabric, so tender that they call to touch, word of mouth. Sunlight weighs like water, and the model rows her shoulders through it. It takes her deeper and chooses what to surface. Thin heels puncture behind masthead platform where the feet are not bound, but braced. Sabatons made for crushing other serpents. There’s a call for ease in movement. Calottes burrow up the leg, revealing the rest of a taut leather embrace. All of this happens at the wake of an afternoon, where a shadow eyelid coils. Architecture forms filter in their own design over those that walk through it.

Earring dive below Adam’s apple without touching her neck. They act as a lingering movement to motion a waterfall of the eye down the rest. European diamonds angle in the mesh. When light comes in, takes in, it leaves through dark fabric in a reflected tone, opalescent peach, pearling the skin. We catch ourselves in old brick spaces with alleys and no exits. Long nails bristle with glitter, caged against the neck. The person of intimacy turns to herself, away from the cradle-eye of others watching. A pencil skirt thins along the waist where the mesh darkens. It casts a line of shadow of its own, a veil across her knee but a mirror along her leg. Leisure posture melts into the dark and swelters as light crawls venetian through the ribs of a stairwell. Platform shoes feel their weight, buckle-heavy, while the rest of her moves with the afternoon, she anchors at her feet.

A motorcycle jacket burns shearling in the heat. Sheep’s wool caresses luxury across the neck line. Comfort on the inside, but leather on the outside. It shines elephant skin softer. Where texture rolls deep along the jacket breast, it stiffens at the shoulder, keeping an air of defiant taller. The jacket holds its form without a full embrace, as if the piece was never intended for long term knowing. Not a cape, a carapace off the back. The rest of the outfit petals out denying stiff inner sanctum. A gathered blouse loosens at the sleeve. Pleated fabric curls at the hem, a drying black rose. A shield, a sword, gladiator sandals compel up the knee. Steel buttons tighten every strand, assuring the form beneath to be held just as well. An ample skirt, loosens its grasp where a tight hold restricts. A flow in the wind grants eve to presence, fabric that trusts the body to feel its way. We disband with the leather jacket to revolve around a shining form. Sunshine rains on what refuses to take in and fabric dies ebony mellow to release the wearer. Thistles burn in the backdrop, drying from a straight week of thirst. Everything else indulges.

This series was inspired by the movement in shadows, and the refusals of their call. The world at times makes it difficult to find beauty within it, and as such, we find beauty in the hand that hides. What glows can shine through any palm, any five fingered thorn that pressures. Alexander McQueen was an inspiration, in that he bathed the body with a heavier load, a striking presence that could belong to something otherworldly. In what we wear we toy with a dance of obeying the human body, while fighting to break it into something more. Shadows create texture. Colors brazen hue. With these simple tools we expand what we’re allowed to touch.

LOOKS 1-5 Shirt by CLUB MONACO , pants by CLUB MONACO, shoes by FOREVER 21, earrings by PARK LANE
LOOKS 6-12 Dress by CLUB MONACO, skirt by CLUB MONACO, shoes by forever 21, earrings by PARK LANE
LOOKS 13-18 Dress by CLUB MONACO, shirt by CLUB MONACO, shoes by FOREVER 21, earrings by PARK LANE