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Fashion Editorial: Dark Cherries

Fashion Editorial: Dark Cherries



Photographer: Marios Gavogiannis www.mariosno.com
Stylist: Katerina Konstantopoulou
Make-up Artist: Evi Iliadi
Hair Stylist: Giannis Mixalopoulos
Model: Melina Thyrring @ www.fashioncult.gr & www.unique.dk
Location: CV Distiller www.facebook.com/CV.Distiller

An editorial by Marios Gavogiannis

“Dark Cherries” came to our creative team in a vision. Τhe goal was to combine the old and the new; the luxurious clothing of royalty in 18th century Russia brought to the present in the form of affordable, timeless pieces that retain that classic, vintage feel.

We presented a well-rounded collection of multiple ready- to-wear and high-fashion pieces, creating a cohesive sense of luxury, class and style. Every outfit was meant to be a reinvention of an outdated -unwearable nowadays- look brought back to life with a modern twist, that would work perfectly in the closet of any high-fashion woman, holding on to its unfading beauty.

The title “Dark Cherries” was chosen for our editorial because of the color red. There is a variation of red tones in every photograph representing everything we wanted to portray; Red stands for Russia, it stands for passion, it stands for art. It is also known that dark cherries were used in 18th century Russian cuisine primarily for desserts and to sweeten tea. Cherries are naturally sweet, much like a woman. But, by adding the word “dark”, we get a sultry feeling, a sense of latent eroticism and an electric atmosphere, which combines every bit of what this editorial stands for.

The model we selected was perfect for this editorial. She possesses that timeless, classic beauty look that fit the criteria of our creative purpose flawlessly. We wanted to find a woman that would remind us of a muse in a Renaissance painting and we were lucky enough to achieve that. And, I believe, we succeeded in recreating the essence of that muse. Hair and make-up was kept simple, sleek and very refined, similar to the way women used to style themselves. Also, we didn’t want it to overpower the boldness of the clothes, but compliment their classiness.

CV Distiller is one of the most beautiful bars in Athens and the perfect location for our editorial. The basement of the bar serves as the backdrop for our photo-shoot. The reclusive atmosphere and the harmonious blending of the earthy tones complimented the clothes perfectly, bringing the 18th century to the 21st. On the other hand, modern elements like the wood, the brick, the amazing selection of liquor bottles and the posters are contrasting beautifully with the vintage clothes and regal poses of the model. All these elements give different textures, angles, lines, shapes and sizes and depth to the photos, creating a visually stimulating result, making the eye dance.

As a fashion photographer, I strive to produce interesting imagery by combining elements that wouldn’t normally go together. The strange pairing of eras and styles can be very artistically exciting for those involved in the creative process as well as the viewers. I’ve come to love this editorial, because it has bits and pieces from my favorite fashion eras; the 1800’s and now. Reinventing grand fashion statements of the past in order to serve us functionally and artistically in the present is one of the reasons Fashion is a beautiful art form and the thing I love the most.

LOOK1 – 3: Outfit & Fur:Leon by Ilias Wia
LOOK4 – 6: Coat:Virgin Prunes by Mikro
LOOK7: Fur: Leon by Ilias Wia, Skirt: Leon by Ilias Wia
LOOK8: Fur: Leon by Ilias Wia
LOOK9: Fur: Virgin Prunes by Mikro, Trousers: Virgin Prunes by Mikro
LOOK10: Fur: Virgin Prunes by Mikro, Trousers: Virgin Prunes by Mikro
LOOK11: Bodysuit: Leon by Ilias Wia, Skirt: Leon by Ilias Wia
LOOK12: Fur: Leon by Ilias Wia, Dress: Virgin Prunes by Mikro