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Fashion Editorial: Crazy Beautiful

Fashion Editorial: Crazy Beautiful


Having worked together on numerous full length fashion shoots, Photographer David Long suggested to me that we should team up for a more intensive close up shoot that would concentrate on showing off my skills as a make-up artist by creating very close up photos inspired by looks that we both love.

This provided lots of excitement – a Pinterest board was created enabling myself and David to get ‘pin happy’; not only did we pin inspirational make up looks, but we also pinned example photos of the style of look we wanted to create. This followed lots of comments of ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘been done a thousand times before’ and ‘but we could do better’ before we limited our list of looks that we wanted to create. Every now and then a little ‘give and take’ was required as with all teamwork and that is what helped us to whittle down the final shortlist.

Models were chosen; all of whom at least one of us had worked with before. They were chosen for their facial features, professionalism and mostly for their personality – I find it very important to be able to get on with the people I surround myself with for photo-shoots, enabling us to have plenty of fun at the same time as providing a relaxed atmosphere where we are all focused on the same result.

A call sheet was created with the brief: ‘Beauty test shoot, creating beautiful and creative close up images of models to include creative hair and make up’ and a studio was booked. Final looks were decided upon and allocated to each model whose features would be most suited to each look.

Not all looks were set in stone beforehand, I was fortunate to have a team that were happy to give me free reign on some creations, knowing that quite often I am lead by ideas and thoughts whilst creating my looks and will change them accordingly to my mood as well as what suits the model, as is the case with any artist.

As it turned out, David and I were quite adventurous with the amount of looks we were hoping to achieve in one day, and I felt a little bit greedy by working with four models, but having worked with David before, we knew each other’s limits, we both knew that we could work fast and under pressure and we were both focused on what was achievable without having to compromise. Before shoot preparations were made and seeing as the photos were extremely close up, I asked all models to prep their skin accordingly by sending homemade remedy skin care tips as well as making sure that their eyebrows etc. had been tidied up. I brought some extra make up that was required to create certain looks and made the decision to make some eyelashes that I was to use on the shoot.

On the day of the shoot, as a make-up artist, I go into ‘stage fright mode’. Knowing that these photos were extremely close up shots meant that I had nowhere to hide. I couldn’t have an ‘off day’ and I would have to be a perfectionist when it came to small flecks of make up falling elsewhere on the skin as these would be magnified in the end result. Luckily the team that I was working with, without even knowing it, made me relax and believe in myself and my abilities and that as a team we would create amazing photos for us all to be proud of. In total, 17 unique make up looks were created with 12 of them making it to the final edit which I am extremely proud of. Not any one person was responsible for creating these photos; it came down to teamwork, trust, belief and having fun!


PHOTOGRAPHER: David Long (Exposure Studios London) http://www.exposurestudioslondon.com
HAIR & MAKE UP ARTIST: Amy Prifti www.amyprifti.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/amypriftimua?ref=hl
MODELS: Clodagh http://purpleport.com/portfolio/clodagh/
Josephine http://www.sw12mm.co.uk/model/josephine/
Laura Faye https://www.facebook.com/laurafayemodel
from SW12 Model Management http://www.sw12mm.co.uk
Also featuring April Storm https://www.facebook.com/MissAStormOfficial