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Fashion Editorial: Concrete Coven

Fashion Editorial: Concrete Coven


Photographer: Anthony Price
IG: price.aesthetics
Website: Www.priceaesthetics.com
Model: Jessie Caulder
MUA: Jessie Caulder

The inspiration for the editorial “Concrete Coven” is inspired by concrete urban bohemian styles and the occult specifically witches. The styles and outfits portrayed here are what I imagine a contemporary urban fashion witch would wear on a daily basis. The images are supposed to have a ritualistic occult feel. In strong contrast to the older retro idea of ugly witches, our modern witch is always gorgeous, just be careful because their beauty came with a price, and they might have already cast a love spell on you.

The first and second photos are outfits from the vanity witch who uses a mirror for her spell casting. (From top to bottom) the model is wearing a burgundy sunhat with a burgundy shirt/dress, which is paired with light blue denim daisy dukes and cowboy boots for a definite stand out style for the summer. Copy this witch wants to be noticed and to stay beautiful and youthful forever. Mirror mirror on the wall.

The second image displays a witch who has a powerful protection guardian holding a blade to protect her from the crazies and the bad witches. Bear Mace just isn’t’ enough sometimes, so this witch casts protection spells and has guardians for herself and her coven. From top to bottom the model is wearing a black fedora, black shirt, blue denim shorts, with calf length striped socks and black wedges. This look is easy breezy and youthful. The socks in the summertime give an edge to the outfit and make it feel fresh. You don’t want to mess with this one, strong invisible forces are protecting her.

The third and fourth image depicts almost some kind of nymph or fairy elemental witch, who is holding a chakra crystal necklace. Regardless of what exactly she is, this drawing her power and practices her rituals in the middle of the forest apart from the coven and away from the city. No one really knows what she does out there or why she wears that oversized men’s watch. But they’re starting to do it too.

Do not look into the eyes of the witch in the fifth and sixth images. Her eyes are known to be mesmerizing, hypnotizing and almost possessing medusa-like qualities. (From top to bottom) she is wearing a chakra crystal necklace and black leotard with a men’s oversized watch. The look feels incredibly fresh, clean and simple and edgy and subtle. You’re better off not looking at this witch; her mesmerizing and hypnotizing power might get you in trouble, yet you can’t look away. This one may have us under her spell already.

The seventh image shows a strong spiteful sorceress witch with her staff. She isn’t performing protection spells so I would get on her good side or get out her way. You don’t want to be around when she grabs her staff. Unlike the second witch this Fabulous witch isn’t asking for protection, she is taking things into her own hands. She is ruthless, and there is definitely a method to the madness. From top to bottom> Crochet cardigan with the black leotard and black wedges and gray and white striped calf length socks. You don’t really want to be around to see what she can do.

Lastly, the last image truly embodies the concrete coven, she is the most contemporary witch, and not at all afraid to let you know, performing her rituals on the sidewalk or in the alley. From top to bottom the last witch of the concrete coven is more public she is wearing a green and black plaid button down dress open, with a black top and black lace top, black skinny jeans and a pair of zip-up suede heels. Just hope you don’t run into this witch in a dark alley at night.

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