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Fashion Editorial: The Color Code

Fashion Editorial: The Color Code



In this shoot I wanted to showcase resort wear fashion with lots of colors. Of course the location of the shoot would have to be able reflect this concept. I decided to shoot in the beautiful beach town of Cape May, New Jersey. I’ve been to this town many times and have always wanted to shoot a fashion editorial here. Right across the beach you have a huge palette of colors. On one street you have a green and yellow popcorn factory. Adjacent to the factory you have a mall entrance that’s painted in yellow with a red and yellow exit. Make a right down an alley way and you will see multi colored walls ranging from blue, yellow, red, green and pink. And that’s just for starters.

Shooting our first look, the purple floral print mini and yellow heels immediately drew a crowd. We did shoot during peak shopping hours after all. This positive energy was great and lasted the entire day. I wanted to have colorful emphasis specifically on the lips. A purple lavender hue was chosen to help the lips pop at the viewer. The yellow wall behind the model also helped achieve this. Purple is a popular lip color this year and I also wanted to stay on trend.

Makeup and hair styling was professionally applied by Nancy Caroline of Nancy Caroline Bridal Styling. Nancy was able to keep the makeup simple, high beauty with only color applied to the lips. As stated above, we used purple lavender and hot pink. Hair was carefully styled in a bohemian wave. Nude eye-shadow and wing eyeliners were applied to make the models eyes really stand out.

The orange strapless sundress was complimented with aqua blue accessories provided by Philly Aids Thrift in Philadelphia, PA. The dress is perfect for a stroll along the sand and is sure to flow freely in the ocean wind. It’s also an eye catcher to wear for a lunch or dinner affair, depending on the venue. You have a lot of options with this piece.

Our model, Kristen Coffey of Reinhard Modeling and Talent was able to grasp the concept of this fashion editorial and really nailed it. Her experience and skill was on display as she transitioned from one pose to the next. In between looks, Kristen was an absolute pleasure and a lot of fun. Styling was provided by Joey Mason. After going over the initial concept with Joe he was able to carefully select fashionable pieces that went well together.

Finally, the black semi sheer blouse with high wasted shorts were selected for the last look. I like to play with contrast. This is why I choose to shoot this outfit against a light pink beach house. I can see this look being worn on a classy yacht. Anyone wearing this type of look is sure to draw a crowd and be the center of attention.

I hope you enjoyed this fashion editorial as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I encourage you to go against the norm and experiment with color. Mix and match as you like. There is no rules. Create your own Color Code! Have fun!