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Fashion Editorial: In the City

Fashion Editorial: In the City



Fotografo: Fabito Gómez @fabitoph | www.fabitogomez.com
Model: Lena Tunik @lenatunik
Model Agency: Mhoms Models @mhomsmodels
Makeup: Katarzyna Legan
Stylist: Elisabeth Merino @elisabethstylist
Production: Katerina Kokkinaki @katerina_kokkinaki
Writer: Catalina Castillo @catalinacastilloq, Fashionpeach @fashionpeachblg

Bohemian-chic in an asphalt jungle
By: Catalina Castillo, Fashion peach Pass 24 hours in a city of a lot of noise, speed and of course style. Simplicity goes hand by hand with accessories that shine because they are unique both as they are wore and as they highlight the qualities of the woman of today; versatile, comfortable, safe, but more importantly, her style prevails to this kind of life.

Impeccable naturalness: at noon the flow and nature are important to highlight that the woman you are, the soft tones contrasting with patterned clothes are the perfect complement to wear in a hectic pace of life without neglecting style and to emphasize security when we move at the pace we want. Great accessories are replaced by the simplicity of bohemian look miss out does not obscure a personal stamp, on the contrary , it enhances the personality of who you are and how you move.

Bohemian – Luxury; _ _never miss out any glamour: accessories like hats are unquestionably the ideal for highlighting a _ bohemian look. On the other hand pants with stamps of vibrant colors are a good combination to get your bohemian side in the city and there can not be any missing accessories, such as a necklace or earrings to complete this luxury outfit.

Sexy-chic: the night is coming, and you are the center of attraction, makeup? Clearly, the eyes are the main attraction of this outfit, garments with clean cuts and monochromatic tones are essential to not go unnoticed in a subtle but in a chic way.

Vibrante – winter: this season is synonymous with creativity, strong and bright colors can be a great accompaniment to opaque days. They are essential to not go unnoticed, without leaving out that your best complement are one color clothing that contrast with this. Without a doubt, the attitude you have to overcome every day permeating every outfit with your essence.

LOOK1 – Pants: Mango. Shirt: Zara. Shoes: Cortefiel.
LOOK2 – Jacket: Stradivarius. Shirt: Promod. Pants: Zara. Hat: Parfois. Shoes: Cortefiel.
LOOK3 – Shorts: Berskha. Jersey and shirt: Cortefiel. Jacket: Zara. Sox: Calcedonia. Shoes: Berskha.
LOOK4 – Jersey: Zara. Skirt: H&M. Jacket: Promod. Sox: Calcedonia. Shoes: Berskha.