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Fashion Editorial – The Boxing Girl

Fashion Editorial – The Boxing Girl


Photographer: Jon R Verleysen
IG: jonverleysen
WB: jonverleysen
Model: Mufin
WB: __mufin

Wardrobe Credits:
1: Panty by House Of Marlow
2: Lingerie by House Of Marlow
3: Panty by House Of Marlow
4-20: Lingerie by House Of Marlow

Questions about empowerment of women’s own body, choices and sexuality have really broke through society these recent years. This serie offers an illustration of these very important issues, as it shows strength, pride, vulnerability, tenderness, determination, reverie, and beauty.

The Boxing Girl serie, shows a beautiful and strange women who seems to have been fighting all her life. The scene is lost in time, and though the objects surrounding her are old artifacts, her platine and short hair and the look on her face are those of a timeless warrior. We portrayed a woman who never rests. Whose struggles can be red on her fierce and tormented face. Her daily routine may not only include violent fights but also some other kind of activities, as she wears the finest lingerie underneath her cloak of aggressiveness and violence.

She’s a Film Noir persona, a fragile balance between strength and vulnerability, but a woman who doesn’t need to be saved, for she knows the inner power of her body, from her soft legs to the edge of her iron fists.

She s photographed at several moments of the day and night, as determination fades to reveal fatigue and reverie, as seduction rests, and she is real and lonely for a brief moment. The blue wall was chosen as an opposition to the pale skin of the model and her bright yellow hair. The subject is like a bulbe of light in a dark environment, empathizing her vulnerability and the difficulty of the mere task of living, of making ends meet. A fight everyone has to make, and in our study : The Boxing Girl

Mufin is a known model in Paris, she works a lot with nude magazines and has created her own jewelry line : Oppium The choice of Mufin was obvious, as she is the personnification of feminism by her body, her knowledge of posing for nude editorials, and brings also a really modern and almost masculine touch with her short bleached hair and these dark frowned eyebrows. www.instagram.com/__mufin

Jon Verleysen has been a photographer for only a year, and is mostly known as a french pop musician for almost 10 years now in the band ELEPHANZ. His work is always between fashion and nude, and always trying to explore different faces of the feminine beauty. www.instagram.com/jonverleysen

House of Marlow is a young brand of fine lingerie handcrafted in small series in Paris by Billie Marlow. House of Marlow? An impressive name for a brand that wants to be light, an illustration of the duality that makes up its DNA. Neither brothel nor dollhouse, the label refuses to choose between innocence and sensuality and combines them with delicacy. From Gainsbourg’s words to Verlaine’s texts, from the softness of Klimt’s paintings to the raw nudity of Purienne’s shots, the inspirations are multiple and convey a message of freedom. Let sweetness be carnal, delicate provocation and passionate sensuality.

Juliette Pretat Palacio is an artistic director based in Paris, who works with a lot of fashion magazines, ( Faust, Normal, Lions, Aftereden, Nu Expo) and for clothes brands and video clips from French bands (rap artists mostly). She is also a model.

Fashion Editorial - The Boxing Girl

Fashion Editorial – The Boxing Girl

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