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Fashion Editorial – Bound in Gold

Fashion Editorial – Bound in Gold


Leather corset/jewelry/photography – Designed by Amy Skrocki, with production and photo-shoot assistance by Tanner Wilson, at Paragon of Design by Skrocki
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Model: Andrea Nicola Morrison
Instagram: Caribbean_cream

Makeup artist: Ashley Skrocki Makeup Artistry
Instagram: skrocki.mua
Facebook: facebook.com/AshleySkrockiMakeup

The creative process for this session began with the conceptualization of the metal and leatherwork. Once I had the concept for the artwork I began to develop the character that would wear them. When the pieces are completed I start searching for the right model to capture the essence of the character. The set design and creation were customs tailored to match the desired mood and draw out the feelings I wanted to portray in the imagery.

The inspiration for this editorial is based on ancient priestesses from the Minoan civilization. The ax necklace and earrings draw inspiration from the sacrificial ax and high social status gives the wielder. The root of this inspiration came from a university course I had taken on ancient Greek archeology, which had sparked my imagination of who those ancient priestesses might have been. I later had the fortune to travel to Crete and visit the Palace of Knossos. While there I imagined this beautiful woman who commanded a high status in her society isolated by her power as she remained protected but separate from the other members of her city.

In preparation for the shoot, my husband Tanner and I hand created each of the metal and leather pieces featured in the photos based off of my own designs. I wanted to make bold portraits that portrayed an empowered female character adorned in elegant jewelry and a leather corset resembling armor. To counterbalance the intensity of the metal and leather work and the direction I was providing the model I asked my makeup artist, my sister Ashley, to soften the look with her makeup choices. In all, there are three different makeup looks and I paired each change in makeup style with different jewelry to maintain the balance of each image.

The jewelry and outfit were a bold undertaking with large elaborate metal components and a cathedral inspired, stone encrusted, leather corset being created from scratch in my studio (with the assistance of my husband). My metal and leather work is designed to be striking, empowering and beautiful all at once and my creative direction during this photo session was to capture each of these elements visually and pair them with the emotions I imagine the character to feel while wearing the work. Several of the metal jewelry pieces that were featured in this set were inspired by Ancient Greece and the powerful Minoan priestesses who lived in Crete during that period. I wanted this character to be not just a leader but a commander isolated by her power yet resolved to follow the nobility of her chosen path. This position conjures feelings of pride and esteem juxtaposed by a deep sense of longing and isolation for the character.

A deep red for the backdrop was chosen to not only match the deep red in my jewelry but also to create a tone of bold intensity for the set. I had also specifically chosen red for the backdrop and overall color theme based on the association of the double-axe with the Greek fire goddess Hephaestus. Ashley chose the tones and color of the makeup to match the color theme of the jewelry and set. I further created beaded pieces to compliment the makeup choices Ashley selected. A range of pallets was drawn on from taupe’s and nudes through darker more intense reds and golden highlights to help bring the character to life in each of her three transformations.

In all this set of photos is a visual representation of close to two hundred hours of work. Beginning with the conceptualization, design, and development of the metal and leatherwork, the creation of the character sketch, searching for the right model, creating the set and, finally, the taking and editing of the photos. The set also brings to life aspects of my studies of ancient civilizations and mythology along with elements of my travels I wished to share through my work.

Amy Skrocki is a designer, artisan, and photographer from Edmonton Alberta Canada. Amy uses her photography to craft each image, in the same manner, she handcrafts her metal and leather works of art with an emphasis on the balance between beauty and intensity that often has darker overtones. Amy and Tanner co-write stories, character sketches and poetry to develop the characters featured in Amy’s photography and to drive inspiration for their metal and leather works of art. In early 2017 Amy received a prestigious Niche Award for her leatherwork and in 2015 her work won first place in an international wearable art competition.

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