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Fashion Editorial: Botanic Stories

Fashion Editorial: Botanic Stories


Photographer: Charles Roux
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Chiara Licata
Wardrobe Stylist/Fashion Designer: Johnatan Madoxx
Male Model: Nick Flatt @IMG Models
Model: Nicole López @Modelwerk

You Cordially Invited to the Garden of Eden: A New Fashion Editorial by Charles Roux

by Lianna Bass

Parisian photographer Charles Roux combines natural beauty with high fashion in this Garden of Eden inspired editorial. The editorial features models Nick Flatt (IMG New York & London) and Nicole López (Modelwerk). Styling was accomplished by John Maddox while Chiara Licata took charge of hair and makeup.

Beyond producing gorgeous editorials, Roux is known for his mastery of visual storytelling in his photography. For this shoot, in particular, Roux was inspired by the Garden of Eden and the concept of beauty and innocence within nature.

“I like having individual stories for each picture, and when connected, they create a context and an overall theme,” he said. Roux also aspires to make each of his editorials as aesthetically pleasing and unique as possible.

“I realize that I am more like an aesthetician guy and I want things to look a certain way and deliver a certain message that’s deeply individual,” he said. Roux chose to shoot the editorial in the Botanischer Garten of Düsseldorf, Germany, to invite his viewers back to the Garden of Eden.

“I relate to the ambiance of gardens,” he said. “I enjoy being within nature while I am working. It’s inspiring.”

With a keen artistic eye, Roux craftily creates a connection between fashion and flora. He enjoys the divergence of shooting models within unspoiled nature, which he finds entertaining. In some shots, the models are engulfed in their leafy surroundings. The models and nature are equals while in the garden.

“I love natural settings for fashion editorials because the fashion is seemingly out of place,” he said. In the editorial, Roux emphasizes the gaze of the models, connecting their different styles through their eyes. He encouraged López and Flatt to appear accidentally apathetic to their surroundings – and at times – to each other. This symbolizes the metaphorical fall from grace when leaving the garden and remerging into everyday life. Roux chose to use high-contrast across the editorial to create a sense of duality between the natural and unnatural. The utilization of crude flash creates strong highlights which accentuate the natural tones of both models and the botanical setting. There is a sense of harmony within the contrast. Maddox ties the mystical and botanical elements together through his style direction. The decision to dress López in flowing waves of chiffon was intentional. Free flowing ensembles add to the theme of absolute freedom from sin or structure within the garden.

One of the standout pieces is a beige dress designed by Maddox himself, paired with glittering Prada heels and sunglasses by Nathalie Blanc. The nude tones add to the sense of innocence in one’s own skin. Another standout garment is a white dress, which was also designed by Maddox. López flaunts her long legs as a sheer white layer of tulle drifts gently from her torso. Louis Vuitton earrings and Prada heels tie the look together with subtle.

The botanical theme flows through Chiara Licata’s makeup direction as well. López’s hauntingly beautiful graze is accentuated with green tones of eyeshadow. Her lips, the color of the various flowers in the garden. López and Flatt’s hair is left in a relaxed state of elegance, which ties in perfectly to an overall theme.

To view more of Roux’s work, visit www.charlesroux.com.

Fashion Editorial - Botanic Stories


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