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Fashion Editorial: Blend In Spring

Fashion Editorial: Blend In Spring


Last summer I had attended a photography conference in Seattle thought by my photography legends that I have learned so much from them such as Gregory Heisler and Joe McNally and I got a signed copy of Heisler’s book “50 Portraits” in which he discusses well 50 of his iconic portraits and shares his vision behind each shot and some of the techniques he has used for each shot.

About a month ago I reopened that book to study some of its chapters and one of them was a portrait of the singer Joni Mitchell that Heisler had made in Joni’s house garden in Beverly Hills. It was portraying her with a beautiful smile among the flowers in her garden and this photo was so beautifully taken than it inspired me to do a photo series with the model among the flowers.

So on the weekend I started driving around the city, different parks and botanical gardens, it was 25th of March and not many flowers out yet but still scouted some spots in a park named Loose Park in Kansas City, it has a beautiful rose garden that is mecca for wedding ceremonies, prom photos, etc… In their found some magnolia shrubs that I adore its huge, fuchsia, goblet-shaped blossoms! The lightly scented reddish-purple flowers emerge from beautiful, tapered buds as the season begins and not only that, because of the wind and rain a lot of its leaves had fell down and covered underneath it all purple colored! Took a photo of that as a potential spot and driving back home it came to my mind that my fashion designer friend Nataliya had presented a skirt in fashion week that was pretty much the same color so I gave her a call and asked her for some of her dresses that match my vision and the season.

Nataliya Meyer is the Couturier living in Kansas City – owner of Lusia’s Sarto; a custom design show room.

Born in the Ukraine, she has been translating her emotions to multiple languages through fashion. Nataliya designs her garments with the most amazing story in mind; the story of a person who lives a life full of adventure and wonder. Nataliya’s garments are designed to interact with the surrounding elements – light, wind, or rain – her designs reflect, move, and flow with passion. Reflecting freedom and happiness, seeing the light in everything. The Couture workmanship always interest her.

Nataliya believes couture gown pieces garner the most attention. The feedback has been amazing over the years; Nataliya’s best experiences are her interactions with her customers. Obviously, they allow her to continue pursuing her passion. While Nataliya has a gift to be given to the world, and though the physical design belongs to the artist, the actual Art of inspiration belongs to the viewer. The viewer sees and remembers; they have the feeling. The images reside in the viewer’s mind – they are their own.  Fashion, to Nataliya, is not a choice – it’s her only way of life, it truly allows her to survive and in some cases, even thrive. Talent is like a parasite, it takes everything from you, so it can survive – the amazing work lives on at any cost.


Photographer: Blake Aghili https://www.facebook.com/blakephotoskc/
Designer: Nataliya Lucia Meyer https://www.facebook.com/luciassarto/
Model 1: Photos 1 to 4 – Emily Brozn:
Model 2: Photos 2 to 10 – Rylee Simmons