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Fashion Editorial – Bewitching Beauty

Fashion Editorial – Bewitching Beauty


Fashion Designer/Photographer: Daisy Viktoria
IG: daisyviktoria
WB: daisyviktoria
Hair Stylist: Kat Pickett
WB: wellattired
Female Model: Cathy Kutz
WB: kozmickitten

Wardrobe Credits:
1-2: Gown: Daisy Viktoria
3-12: Gown and headpiece: Daisy Viktoria

The ocean holds a fantastic power and calls to the energy within. A bewitching fairy queen may answer the call and become one with such a beautiful power. We chose the powerful ocean as a backdrop for this inspiring piece of artwork, highlighting the beauty we are all worthy of feeling within ourselves. We, women, are amazing and special and deserve to be a part of our own fairytales.

Inspired by fantasy and fairytales and a bit of magick, these black and white gowns were created for an enchanting fairy queen. We all want to feel special, and the right dress can make all the difference. Hand placed lace appliques and crystals adorn the body and highlight the magic that lives within each of us. Lace details are delicately applied upon a mesh gown, fitted to the body and showcasing a bold artistic statement. Sparkling crystals catch the light perfectly, illuminating the fairy queen as she graces the land with her presence. With the option of pulling a gown over the head or adding an elegant formal lacing detail to the back, there is personalization for varied looks. Each unique gown is made by Daisy Viktoria herself and carries with it a specialized artist’s touch.

Chiffon capes flow in the breeze, surrounding the fairy queen with luxury and style. Sparkling clasps and hand applied crystals frame the face above these beautiful collars. Structured headpieces adorned with horns and unicorns and gothic motifs are each handmade by the designer for many fantasy looks and options. Whether adorning the queen with scrolling fantasy horns, a sparkling unicorn horn, or a dark crown of roses and branches, these designs create perfect crowns for the fairy who rules the realm. Special and magical accessories add whimsy to a perfect fairytale experience, bringing out the light queen and the dark queen alike.

Designed and handcrafted by Daisy Viktoria herself, perfectly enchanting fairytale gowns and specialty accessories bring a unique and awe-inspiring sense of fashion. Daisy Viktoria’s fantasy couture gowns and corsets are made of quality hand selected materials. Each wearable art piece is lovingly handcrafted with exceptional standards and materials…and some fairy magic!

Couture, or bespoke, fashion is tailored individually for the wearer. We know you have many options for gowns. But what if you could have a gown made just for you, a gown with all the details you desire, a gown that is custom tailored to your very own proportions? This is an experience like no other, and this garment can last you a lifetime. Custom tailoring eliminates the need for going back and forth on alterations before your special event. Working with a custom gown designer, you have a hand in the entire process. Not only do you receive a beautiful piece, but you receive one with your own preferences and style choices. Your gown is truly one of a kind and unlike any other.

Daisy has created custom gowns, corsets, and costumes for more than 20 years and brings magic and fairytales wherever she goes. A true fairy godmother, Daisy transforms women around the world into their most beautiful inner selves. Every gown is designed to be unique and one of a kind made just for you and your perfect presence. Each piece is made to fit your specific measurements for a truly custom tailored experience. Dress the way you want, share your enchantment, and be the magick you want to see in the world!

Please find Daisy Viktoria at her website daisyviktoria.com, and on all social media as @daisyviktoria. We look forward to hearing from you and making your dreams come true!

Fashion Editorial - Bewitching Beauty

Fashion Editorial – Bewitching Beauty

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