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Fashion Editorial: Made in Berlin

Fashion Editorial: Made in Berlin


Recently in Berlin. There I met the charming Hanna. Hanna is a drop-off, she lives “here and there”, drives through the big city and stays where she likes it. She is restless and needs the movement in her life. She would not want to be intimidated by the stress that you are exposed to in the 21st century. Without internet and smartphone, just look at what the day brings and whom she meets. Hanna has no desire to overcrowded or overpriced campsites, but rather undisturbed in the middle of the city. Just find a cozy place, and enjoy the noise of the city?

Her Volkswagen camper, a converted LT40 from 1980, is her home. I was lucky and could photograph her, took me in this case for photos in black / white and bright color. The retro look fits exactly, to the year of their motorhome. My good friend Anette Spies, Hanna has made up, with a little decent make-up – a great style, appropriate to the location created. Punk, wave and pop, the 80s, have not only been revived in Berlin, but again in fashion.

The underwear / lingerie worn by her are not luxury products, Everything affordable for Hanna’s small money. She finds the great things, while strolling through the shops of Berlin. Underwear is her great love in styling. The laundry must be great and fit with her very slim figure super. A must! It is not easy to find the bra / corsage of her size, but as you can see, it has worked out fantastic this time. Black and pink, these are the colors that Hanna stand very well. The colorful dots on the shirt fit perfectly into the ambience of the camper. De good old 80s style. One sees immediately at the upholstery and the artificial wood from which the furniture consists.

In front of the camera Hanna has never confessed, a whole new experience for her. Sure she was totally excited. Then the makeup and the hairstyle. Total confidence, with the very nice make-up by Anette. Also quite unusual, to be made by someone else to make. And then finally photographing, still uncertain but then completely the star and center of the action. Super followed the instructions and a great look in the lens of the camera! High regard and great respect, from my side! Very, very great.

The freedom in her life is totally enjoyable. Always on the axis, always with new destinations on the road. Whether in the west or east of Berlin, Hanna always finds a place where she can camp. It is not always easy to be alone as a woman on the road, so in a motorhome. But, who knows, knows that she is a strong woman. When she feels lonesome or sad, she has her two stuffed animals that are always at your side and accompany her on every journey. Hanna, a young woman, “MADE in GERMANY” – we will hopefully meet her many times. Maybe in another city, with her mobile. If it is this time in summer, I will take pictures with my camera, from her outside. A whole new look at the camping in the city. I am very excited and Anette and I are looking forward to seeing Hanna again.


Photographer: Roman Gilz
Hair + Makeup, Styling: Anette Spies
Model: Hanna
Lingerie: H&M, C&A, Hunkemöller, Primark