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Fashion Editorial: Behind the Set

Fashion Editorial: Behind the Set


Photography: Oliver Pedrosa
Stylist: Anna Figacz
Makeup&Hair: Noelia Torrijos
Model: Carmen Lacambra @Delphoss
Photo Assistant: Javier Blanco

The editorial “Behind the Set” is an idea that has been born after several years of work and from the inspiration gained after visiting numerous photography studios. Throughout this time, Oliver Pedrosa, a fashion photographer based in Madrid, has discovered in each of these studios, corners and special moments aspects that have progressively captivated him and influenced his work. These spaces or moments constitute the backstage of photography that which is left behind and that unfortunately, does not occupy the prominent place it deserves. Although these corners do make it possible for the work of the photographer and his team to develop successfully, once the last shot is taken, they are forgotten and dissipate with the echo of the final applause. The aim of this editorial is to give significance to these particular spaces and corners thus, showing photography from a different point of view. During this session we look back, we forget about the cyclorama, paper background and lightning flashes in order to capture the essence of the moment. For this purpose, the atrezzo is formed by those elements that photographers normally use in their work such as large umbrellas, racks and a set is improvised in the makeup room, place where the session takes place.

The protagonist of this editorial is the model Carmen Lacambra, who is represented by Delphoss International Model Agency. Carmen is able to metamorphose from an image of pure elegance and sophistication to one of sensuality depending on the clothes the stylist Anna Figacz selects. These changes, which are made with naturalness and easiness, show the professionalism of this young model. Her Afro-American features and her skin tone were especially sought thinking about the final black and white finish of the editorial. The election of Carmen Lacambra has undoubtedly been a success as she is capable of transmitting great feelings in each of the pictures.

As for the outfits, of which Anna Figacz was in charge, a story-line was not sought. The intention was to break, to offer variety verging from the simple to the most daring, to focus more on the shapes, textures and prints than on the colors themselves as due to the black and white nature of the editorial, they played no significant role. Due to this, the line and point of union between all images is the environment and the study from a different perspective.

Finally, the work of the makeup artist Noelia Torrijos should be noted. She was responsible for accentuating the model’s features by using a non ostentatious make up but rather, one that accompanied naturally the features and attitude of the model.
This is exactly what defines “Behind the set”, the attention and quest for detail, for those special places that simply appear to look back. Separate yourself from the camera, and capture the essence of the whole environment.

Oliver Pedrosa, photographer specialized in fashion photography, looks for balance and naturalness in all of his work. He gives a great importance to the lightning and although he prefers to work in the studio, he enjoys the improvisation of outdoor sessions and the game that natural light provides.

IMAGE 1 Top: Leyre Valiente, Trousers: Lefties
IMAGES 2-3 Vest: Paul & Joe, Skirt: POL, Straps: H&M
IMAGE 4 Top: Leyre Valiente
IMAGE 5 Dress: H&M, Sweaters: Massimo Dutti, Shoes: Zara, Tights: H&M
IMAGE 6 Top: POL, Culotte: Intimissimi, Shoes: Stradivarius, Necklace: Lefties
IMAGE 7 Top crop: Lefties, Culotte: H&M, Shoes: Zara, Necklace: The Dressroom