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Fashion Editorial: Balade à Paris

Fashion Editorial: Balade à Paris



Photographer: Kavak Agir
Makeup & Hair : Juan Romero
Art Director: Raja
Designer: Yohann Fayolle

Inspired by his patient for fashion designing, Yohann Fayolle has taken his love to fluid moving fabrics and transformed it into a brand that attracts women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

From an early age, Yohann felt a force like gravity pulling him towards the world of fashion. Committed to bringing her dreams to life, long before his design career began. Today, Yohann shares his fascinating story, from his Parisian life. We know you’re just as thrilled as we are to get the inside scoop.

He just kept observing and listening to the women he met “those I would watch on a movie screen or crying in the street, those who would laugh, in a word, you, woman of today, have always been my inspiration”.

Without being influenced and limited by rules set by big corporations, fashion designers Yohann Fayolle, is speaking about a different type of trend. This is a type of trend that customers are happy to embrace – not because everybody else does, but because it makes them look and feel distinctive. Through his innovative designs, he creates the feeling that you buy a piece with meaning and personality, rather than a garment produced in a third world country which gained value only when a logo was splashed on it.