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Fashion Editorial – ANGELIC White, dreamy and a bit of sparkle

Fashion Editorial – ANGELIC White, dreamy and a bit of sparkle


Photographer: Philipp Von Ostau @philipp_von_ostau
WB: Philipp_von_ostau
Model: Anja Meyer
IG: anjameyers
WB: www.anjameyers.com
Wardrobe Stylist/Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Uta Stabler @utastabler
WB: Utastabler

Wardrobe Credits:
1-2: Dress by PIMKIE
3-6: Dress by AMISU NEW YORKER
7-10: Dress by LA REDOUTE
11-19: Dress by PIMKIE
20: Dress by LA REDOUTE

‘Angelic’, ‘Let’s talk’ and ‘After the Party’ are the 3 editorial looks. The fashion looks inspired to create stories and sceneries around the style, photographed in Berlin, Germany. 3 creatives got together, photographer Philipp von Ostau, model Anja Meyer and makeup artist Uta Stabler. They share one passion, the love for creating art. The whole set up in the studio got changed several times in an experimental way, backgrounds, color settings, hairstyles, poses; an overall experimental creation.

The dresses are beautiful and feminine and each look tells their own short story. The white dress by Pimkie makes you feel like you are in a fairytale for a bit. The black dress from Amisu New Yorker is a classy style that can be worn on any occasion, at a business meeting or also a fun afternoon out with your friends. The red dress by La Redoute can turn heads and is a good choice for the evening or a special occasion.

In ‘Angelic’ the white dress by Pimkie reminded the team of the appearance of an angel. However, it should be subtle and not too obvious or cliché like. The makeup and hairstylist Uta Stabler created an angel inspired look with braided hair parts and silver makeup. Most of the time model Anja Meyer did not pose and hold it, she was moving constantly, almost like slow dancing to get into a dreamy emotional state and feel connected to the idea. She got into character with floating movements imagining being an angel and not just doing standard poses. Photographer Phillip von Ostau only gave her little direction and captured the moments. It is a dreamy atmosphere with some sparkle. Photographer Philipp von Ostau picked a plain background, still incorporating a bit of contrast.

The black dress with polka dots from Amisu New Yorker has a more sophisticated look and so the team decided for a classy hair updo. It could fit into a business meeting and has classy talk vibes. ‘Let’s talk’ makes you want to have a deep conversation. The background is made of curtain and the color tone is warm contrasting the black and white tone of the dress.

An evening style is the 3rd dress from La Redoute, all in red matched with red lipstick. The photographer Philipp von Ostau had the idea to incorporate a bar into the scene. The bar is empty and so it is set after a party. In a few shots, the model Anja Meyer is being playful and dancing with a glass. “I had to actually throw water on the ground and at the same time jumping up while lifting my leg up. We tried it several times.” says model Anja Meyer. So in the next photos, the team decided to clean up a bit and incorporate it into the story. Because obviously after every good party there will be some need for cleaning.

Let’s meet the team behind the photos.

Phillip von Ostau is a photographer and visual artist from Berlin, Germany, specializing in studio, portrait, fashion, lifestyle, product and travel photography. His works have been displayed in several art galleries throughout Germany and got published in various books and magazines.

Model Anja Meyer was born in Germany she has lived in Australia, in Singapore and is currently based in Canada. She is an artistic and creative nature and enjoys it being able to express it while working as a model internationally. She has worked for e-commerce fashion, catalog shoots, magazines, videos, and commercials.

Uta Stabler is a makeup artist and hairstylist working for commercials, photoshoots, and movies in Germany and Europe. She creates individual looks for each project or client and she also works for lookbooks, fashion week and tradeshows.

Fashion Editorial - ANGELIC White, dreamy and a bit of sparkle

Fashion Editorial – ANGELIC White, dreamy and a bit of sparkle

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